Beneficios de tener mascotas para la gente mayor

Benefits of having pets for the elderly

Those of us who have pets at home are clear about it: having a dog or cat keeps you active and brings you countless moments of happiness.
With a pet at home you never feel alone, you always have someone waiting for you, someone who pampers you, who is dying to take a nap by your side. Someone for whom, ultimately, you are everything. And if this is gratifying for anyone, in older people it is essential.

A good companion for life, dog or cat, helps ward off loneliness.

More than 2,300,000 people over 65 years of age live alone in Spain. There are many effects of loneliness for them: increased risk of depression, poor diet, cognitive impairment, worsening of cardiovascular and bone diseases...
In the elderly, having a pet at home has multiple benefits:
For start, you will no longer feel alone or alone: ​​a pet is always there ready to follow every step you take and offering you unconditional and sincere love. They don't say a word, but as those of us who have pets say: they just need to talk!!

The importance of staying active.

If the chosen pet is a dog, you have to take it for a walk: one more advantage, since in addition to exercising, which will help you stay in shape, you will surely meet other dog owners and engage in relationship with other people. In addition, having a dog increases the feeling of security and protection in older people.

Persona mayor con perro salchicha

Promote self-esteem and exercise memory.

Feeling that someone needs you, requires your care and attention is also fundamental to overcome loneliness and depression. Having a pet helps to overcome stress and maintain a good memory.

If you're older and you feel alone… put a pet in your life. And if not, too!!

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