Mi mascota se sube al sofá… ¿debo dejarle?

My pet climbs on the sofa… should I let him?

Does your dog climb on the sofa? Does your cat climb on the sofa?
Should I let him?

And the answer is… if you both like it, why not?

Pets (dogs or cats ) enjoy lounging on our couch or our bed. The reasons are diverse: they feel super comfortable, they feel accompanied, they perceive our smell...

If you are clear that you DO NOT want your dog to get on the sofa, there are ways to train him not to do so, by Except in your presence. With a cat it is somewhat more complicated but not impossible.

Now, if you recognize that you love having your pet close when you rest on your sofa or your bed, but you are concerned about hygiene or hair, the ideal is to get a good sofa cover blanket that protects the furniture but at the same time is comfortable and practical.

balukaProtect sofa cover blanket: good for your pet, good for your sofa

Although some people who do not live with dogs or cats find it difficult to understand, pet owners are usually pleased to spend that little time on the sofa with our furry friend. What we don't like so much is that the sofa (or the bed) takes on strange smells, is filled with stains that are impossible to remove, or is a festival of hair.

All this is over. With the balukaPROTECT sofa-cover blanket you will keep your sofa intact and your pet will be delighted. And you ask yourself: what is so special about this protector?

We give you ten reasons why you will fall in love:

  • balukaProtect is made with a fabric with a soft and velvety touch, so pleasant that your pet will not be able to resist lying on it.
  • It is super resistant: the structure of the fabric of the balukaProtect sofa-cover blanket prevents nails from getting stuck and accidental snagging when the animal gets on and off the sofa.
  • It has an anti-mite treatment and anti bacteria that protects both the animal and the family from allergies and bad odours.
  • Without being a cold and unpleasant plastic it does not allow the liquid to pass through easily if, for example, something happens “escape”.
  • The structure of the fabric means that the hairs cannot get stuck, in addition to being antistatic, so repels the hair and does not allow it to stick to the fabric. Forget about annoying hairs with a simple brushing or even by hand.
  • The balukaProtect sofa-cover blanket incorporates a spectacular anti-stain treatment: only with water stains of urine, blood, mud or fat disappear as if by magic. On the back, balukaProtect is made of easy-care imitation leather.
  • The balukaProtect fabric is thermoregulatory, that is, it adapts to the temperature of the animal's body without giving it excessive heat or being cold and unwelcoming.
  • Available in different sizes depending on the size of your pet.
  • If your dog or cat requires extra support, you can choose the model with the “AirFiber” pillow that recovers its shape thanks to the injection of air into the fiber.
  • Your pet is unique, so if you want the balukaProtect sofa-cover blanket it is personalized with its embroidered name… There are no two alike!!
pastor alemán colchón de viscoelástica con su nombre

Our Dog Couch Cover Blanket and Cats

The most hygienic for its treatments
Anti-hair and Anti-stains
Couch protector for pets with their name embroidered
See Protector

The most hygienic and easiest to maintain

If there is something that worries us, it is the hygiene and health of our pet and the whole family.We have already told you about the special treatments that the balukaProtect fabric incorporates: anti-stain, antibacterial, anti-mite, anti-hair…

A simple brushing or a damp cloth is enough for proper maintenance and cleaning of the protector

Even so, if at any time you need to do a more thorough cleaning, you can put the balukaProtect sofa cover blanket in the washing machine with a delicate program. If your model is one of those with a pillow, you can easily remove it since it has a zipper to do so.

Of course, do not use a dryer to avoid damaging the fabric.

Once air-dried it is now ready to be used again.

Versatile and multipurpose

Although balukaProtect has been designed to be used on your sofa, it is a good idea that you can also use it on your bed if you pet likes to sleep next to you. The nice thing is to feel it close to her, but not find your bed full of hair the next day, right?

Another possible use for the balukaProtect sofa-cover blanket is on the floor. Yes, the ground. There are times that our pets prefer to take a nap on the floor. But if they are laid on balukaProtect they will have an extra protection, since it has a soft padding that mitigates the hardness and cold of the floor.

BalukaProtect is perfect as a travel bed. It takes up little space and you can take it with you. Thus, you have the peace of mind that the bed or sofa of your vacation spot will be protected, and your best friend will always have a cozy corner of rest.

Enjoy your sofa and your pet

Now you can let your dog or cat enjoy the sofa like the whole family without fear of damaging it, scratching it or filling it with hair.

And if you want your sofa cover balukaProtect even more special, order it with your pet's name embroidered. It won't cost you more.

Show off your sofa. Show off your pet.



  • Baluka

    Hola ROSMAR. Lo lamentamos pero solo vendemos en España de momento.

  • Rosmar

    Agradezco precio de la manta para sofá, BalukaProtect y en qué sitios de Caracas,Venezuela, puedo comprarla? Indicar los tipos de colores en que vienen! Gracias..

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