Nuevo cachorro en casa: qué hacer los primeros días

New puppy at home: what to do the first days

The first days of a puppy at home involve a mixture of enthusiasm and responsibility towards the new member of the household. Also do not forget that the first day of a dog at home will be full of news for your new friend. We are going to give you some tips to help your puppy adapt, and may this be the beginning of a precious friendship between you.

Tips for your puppy's first days at home

1. Keep a relaxed atmosphere at home

Have you thought about what you are going to do on your puppy's first day at home? Can you imagine the mix of sensations at the first contact of your new friend with you and yours? The puppy will almost certainly be stressed by the news: smells, sounds, unknown surroundings, the absence of its mother... Try to make the puppy's first day at home calm and relaxed.

2. Allow him to go out to relieve himself

You should be very careful when you go outside for the first time. Take him to the garden or the porch to do his first needs and then reward him so that he begins to associate that he doesn't have to do it inside the house.

If you live in an apartment, don't go far from the door of the house, since it is possible that he still does not have the first vaccinations, essential for his first moments of socialization with other dogs.

3. Exploration and familiarization with their new environment

Next, allow your new friend to freely explore the whole house, they have to get used to their new home! Watch the entrances and exits so that he doesn't escape, and let him sniff all he wants.

4. Give him his own space

What may be most difficult at first will be separating from him, and perhaps your protective instinct leads you to not give him all the space he needs. Keep an active watch, but don't overwhelm him; The puppy can get stressed by too much contact with humans in his early days, so let him come to you whenever he wants

5. Make his resting place known

A puppy's first night will also be crucial, since during his night's rest he may feel helpless and strange in his new home. Show him his bed, and leave some clothing impregnated with your scent there so he feels calm.

Keep in mind that puppies can sleep up to 20 hours a day, intermittently, so it will be in that part of the house where he spends the bulk of his day. The beds that we offer at Baluka can be the great allies of your puppy's adaptation in his first nights with you, since they will also protect him against mites, viruses and bacteria, something especially important until he begins to receive their vaccinations.

6. Place his bed close to yours

Where can a 2-month-old puppy sleep? The location of the bed is also important: do not leave it in a corner or in some secluded area, far from your resting place. Try to make him sleep near you , in case you notice that he is restless during the night, and you have to reassure him (speaking in a soft voice and without encouraging him to play).

7. Take care of his diet

During the first days, we recommend that your puppy eat the same that he has been eating before he arrived at your home. Gradually and very slowly, you can introduce changes to their diet, but always keep in mind that dogs do not usually take changes in habits well.

8. Provide a quiet environment for their food

The food and water bowl should be in a secluded area, where your new friend can retreat to eat and drink without sharing space with other pets even with you and your family.During mealtime, the puppy may feel vulnerable, and the presence of other people or pets may turn his behavior aggressive or protective, as he may perceive others as a threat to him or his food

9. Take him to the vet

After a few days of adaptation, you should take your puppy to the vet to undergo a preliminary check-up, and to set a vaccination schedule; Likewise, the veterinarian will duly advise you on important aspects such as nutrition or deworming.

10. Allow him to socialize

When the time comes (usually after the first mandatory vaccinations, about 4 months), your new friend will be protected to get together with other dogs. Through play, dogs establish social relationships with each other, and you can calmly take them for a walk to relieve themselves in the street and strengthen their bond with you.

Have a your puppy at home for the first few days will be an adventure for both you and him. Take care of these important aspects to make it easier for him to adapt, and don't hesitate to provide him with a suitable place to rest as long as he has something that smells of you nearby.


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