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cama para perro desmontable

It's here!

You have asked us and we have gone further

Thank you very much for signing up for the presale of our bed with removable pillow.
Soon, you will receive an email with access and a code with which you will have an exclusive discount for being part of the presale.
Our new balukaDREAM dog bed has the same exceptional features as the model without pillow: anti-hair, anti-stain, anti-mite, anti-virus and bacteria... and embroidered with your dog's name .
On the edge of the mattress we have added an AirFiber pillow on three sides (U-shaped) in sizes S and M, and on two sides (L-shaped) in sizes L and XL.
But in this new model, we have not stopped there, we have made that pillow removable, so that you can remove it if, at any given moment, you want to turn the bed into a mattress , to wash it separately, to ask us for a replacement... yes, our beds have replacements for inner and outer covers, pillows...
In this month of April we will open the sale as a presale, with delivery at the end of the month or beginning of May.
The Easter holidays we will be working hard... the whole Baluka family will give everything... well, the children and the dog will only watch :)
we'll let you know before anyone else
so you can choose size and color
the extra quality of balukaDREAM
now with a pillow

You do us a favor if you share the access link with your family and friends who have a dog at home.