The best viscoelastic
viscoelastic bed for your dog,
your best friend
PREMIUM care for your pet

🧡 You'll love that she'll love it.


Made in Spain

Forget about hair and stains

High Quality

With your name embroidered FREE

A unique interior...

Memory Foam

An interior like no other

Your new mattress will be made of viscoelastic or Memory Foam material.

Firm, as we use high density and high quality foams. Our mattresses are made with blocks, and not with viscoelastic flakes, which are nothing more than 'bits of leftovers of others'.

With'memory effect', it will adapt perfectly to your pet's body and will make his rest a moment of well-being and pleasure.

The balukaDREAM mattress will exert just the right pressure on your pet's body, whatever his size.

While he rests, we take care of his bones and joints, relieving ailments such as osteoarthritis, arthritis, bursitis or hip dysplasia.

And if your pet is young, we help you to prevent!

...for a luxury exterior,

Anti-hair dog bed - HAIR FREE

The way the fabric is made, it is impossible for the hairs to get stuck, even the toughest ones.Guaranteed or your money back.

Remove the hairs by simply shaking by hand or with a soft brush.

Blot stains with a damp cloth.

Just like that, as you are reading it. As if you were using an eraser. Wipe the stain with a damp cloth in circles and.... Ta-da!

Mud, food, urine, blood...

It looks like magic, but it 's technology.

Get rid of mites and bacteria we don't want you at home

The outer cover incorporates a treatment that acts as a barrier to mites, viruses and bacteria.

It also eliminates bacterial activity by 99.9% and viral activity by 91%.

That's peace of mind for you and your pet.

Goodbye snags

The nails of your dog or cat will not be a problem.

Due to the way the cover is woven and a synthetic fiber coating, it avoids snagging and/or breakage caused by the animal's nails.

Viscoelastic mattress for dogs PREMIUM



Viscoelastic dog bed PREMIUM



Handcrafted here

We do not bring materials from outside. There is no need because here we have the best quality, trust and guarantee. For sure, the best.

Reduced production

The balukaDREAM dog beds are exclusive and are practically made to order. As soon as you tell us the name of your dog, we get started.

Family workshops

We are a large family, and we are with the families. Family workshops carefully make the balukaDREAM bed covers one by one.

High quality

We only use high density foams with the right firmness and fabric for the outer cover with unique properties: anti-hair, anti-stain, anti-mite and anti-odor.

Beds for the best pets!