Funda para Colchón de Perro - Baluka Mascotas baluka mascotas
Funda para Colchón de Perro - Baluka Mascotas S (60 x 40 cm) / Azul Océano / CON Almohada baluka mascotas
Funda para Colchón de Perro - Baluka Mascotas S (60 x 40 cm) / Rojo Cereza / CON Almohada baluka mascotas
Funda para Colchón de Perro - Baluka Mascotas S (60 x 40 cm) / Gris Marengo / CON Almohada baluka mascotas


Today I think I'm more into blue.... or maybe red?

Add an extra cover to your order, and you'll be able to change colors.


All orders containing extra covers that are not from customers who have already purchased a bed or mattress at any timewill be cancelled.

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With the Trusted Shops guarantee

The Trusted Shops seal certifies that our online store has successfully passed a legal audit, making your purchase 100% secure. In addition, for your peace of mind, Trusted Shops guarantees your purchase for free.

Forget about your dog's hairs

The way the fabric is made makes it impossible for even the toughest hairs to get in. Guaranteed or your money back.

Removes hairs by simply shaking by hand or with a soft brush.

Erases stains

Just like that, as you are reading it. As if you were using an eraser. Wipe the stain with a damp cloth in circles and.... ta-da!
Mud, food, urine, blood...

It looks like magic, but it 's technology.

Even so, our dog beds are machine washable when removed in the washing machine.

Dust mites and bacteria

The outer cover incorporates a treatment that acts as a barrier to dust mites, making it ideal for dogs with allergies and homes where allergic people live

It also eliminates bacterial activity by 99.9% and viral activity by 91%.

That's peace of mind for you and your pet.

Goodbye snags

Your dog's or cat's nails will not be a problem.

Due to the way the cover is woven and a synthetic fiber coating, it avoids snagging and/or breakage caused by the animal's nails.


Why it will improve your dog's sleep

Your dog will not need to turn around a thousand times to find a position that allows him to relax and sleep.

The mattress is composed of a block of viscoelastic or memory foam.

We do not use the flakes that are leftover from mattresses manufactured for humans. If it were to break, it would form a dangerous flood of foam balls. Instead, our viscoelastic adapts to your dog's body without putting his health at risk.

It becomes more flexible at high temperatures and firmer at low temperatures, regulating your dog's blood circulation and allowing him to rest much better.

While lying down , it will balance the pressure points that your dog's elbows, knees and hips will exert on the bed.

Its base is non-slip, so your dog will feel safer when lying down.

Give him the comfort he needs for a deep sleep and a better awakening every time he gets up from his balukaDREAM mattress.

It has bone and joint problems. For example, lameness, arthritis, hip dysplasia, herniated discs, bursitis, osteoarthritis, among others.

It is large in size. Puppies have a rapid growth in a very short time. For that reason, they are predisposed to suffer articular problems.

It is at an advanced age(over 7 years old).

He has disabilities.

He is recovering from surgery.

Heis lying down for a long time, to protect his skin and reduce the appearance of bedsores.

Is small with spinal problems. The most common case is the Teckel breed.

The life of a dog is short. Improve his rest with the viscoelastic mattress balukaDREAM.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Why it will make your life (easier)

Dogs rest, but they also soil and sometimes break.

Stains from vomit, mud, or any liquid that can spoil your mattress will make you think if it is worth buying it.

The money and time you should invest in cleaning products will no longer be a concern.

And neither will the idea of looking for another mattress.

By simply wiping a damp cloth on the balukaDREAM you will be able to remove those stains without stressing about its care.

Maybe he is still a puppy and likes to nibble, or before taking a nap, try to make pits like crazy :)

BalukaDream resists like a dog when he doesn't want to let go of his toy.

It is made of a fabric covered with synthetic fibers. When you try to tear it, it does not break.

Now your best friend's nails won't be a problem for his mattress.

There are dogs that shed more hair than others, although in times of shedding your home will be flooded with them.

And your mattress will be no exception.

The balukaDream saves you the trouble of spending hours trying to remove them.

Each fiber of its fabric is covered by an invisible barrier that prevents them from sticking to your mattress , helping you to keep it clean in a short time.

With a simple wipe of your hand you can say goodbye to hair.

During seasonal changes, especially in autumn or spring, allergies in dogs and humans are very frequent.

While your dog won't stop scratching, you will be doing acrobatics to eliminate bad odors and disinfect your home.

The balukaDream mattress is made with an exclusive fabric that repels mites, bacteria and viruses.

It will bring serenity and happier days to you and your faithful friend.

Maybe your puppy suffers from urinary incontinence and you fear that his pee will wet his new bed.

Or after a walk in the rain, he'll end up with his paws soaked in it.

The balukaDream fabric is breathable. This means that air flows through , preventing moisture from taking over the mattress.

It will help you keep it dry, once you clean it quickly in no more than 2 hours.

Washing its cover is very practical.

Although it is high quality and easy to maintain, it doesn't mean you never have to wash it.

You place it in the washing machine using a gentle wash and no tumble dryer.

Don't worry about the strength of the fabric. There will be no snagging or pilling.

Do you have any doubts?

The bed or mattress for your dog is unique, we make it specifically for you.

You will be able to enjoy your purchase within 7 to 10 working days.

Personalizing it with your name does not influence the production time.

We will contact you by email when it is ready to be shipped.

The product will only be shipped once payment has been received.

Your dog deserves special treatment. So does his mattress. And personalize it with his name even more.

For that reason, we work on request.

We will contact you by email when it is ready to be shipped.

Your dog's mattress will NOT be vacuum packed.

We do not want both you and your faithful friend to lose the illusion of opening it and enjoying it together because it does not keep its original appearance.

We take care of every detail, and that's why we send your BalukaDREAM in a protective box as big as the mattress.

We have 4 sizes.

But before deciding on one, we advise you to measure your dog's body.

Think that if he is a puppy he will grow, and we don't want him to be left without enjoying his BalukaDREAM because he can't stretch out in it.

With a measuring tape measure from the muzzle to the beginning of his tail. Now just match it to the correct size.

If you are in doubt between one size and another, choose the larger one.

S (60 x 40 x 10 CM)

M (80 x 60 x 10 CM)

L (100 x 70 x 10 CM)

XL (120 x 80 x 10 CM)

In case you are not convinced by its size, call us at 605 222 111 or ask us by WhatsApp.

You can also write us at

Of course. It is the best way to have several styles in the same mattress.

You can play with the colors, or combine them in different ways in case of a move.

The extra covers of the BalukaDREAM will be your ally every time you want to change the decoration of your home.

In the meantime, your dog will be happy because he will never be without his best resting place.

Wipe stains with a damp cloth, rubbing gently in a circular motion.

BalukaDREAM has an anti-mite, anti-bacterial and virus protection, but if you feel like an extra disinfectant spray it with pharmacy alcohol using a spray bottle at a distance of more than 30 cm.

If you prefer a deeper wash, unpack the mattress and follow these steps for the washing machine:

Wash on delicate cycle at 40 degrees maximum.Use neutral detergents.Do not spin.Do not use bleach or disinfectant products.Do not tumble dry.Do not dry in the sun.Do not wring.Do not iron, but if you do, do it inside out and at a low temperature.


51% polyester

38% acrylic

11% polyamide

>350 N (ISO 13934-1)

>20 N (BS 4303) / >3 DAN (DIN 53859-5)

200.000 cycles (ISO 12947)

5 no pilling (ISO DIS 12945-2)

4 good (ISO 105 - X12)

6 good (ISO 105-B02)


65% polyester
35% cotton

75% pvc
25% pu

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