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This is me, Son. The third of seven siblings.

When I met Juan Carlos and María José, it was love at first sight! I had never seen such determined, brave, friendly humans with a desire to live life to the fullest... obviously, for all this, they needed a great dog like me... we were predestined... My furry soul is never wrong!

What I did not expect was what I found when I got home...

My new family was not only formed by owners willing to savor life to the last corner...

Lined up, three adorable triplets were waiting for me: Leo, Gemma and Lídia, my playmates at any time of the day.

For them, 'the quadruplet' arrived and that's how it has been to this day.

Being in charge of a large family is not easy! It requires being a determined, confident, affectionate, affable, protective, happy, enthusiastic dog, but above all vital and healthy, something that in the family we have never neglected... exercise, a healthy diet and being a team for everything helps us to keep in top shape and why not say it, to be a family 10!
In fact, they do not know it, but every day I feel more proud of our daily walks and when it comes time:

head held high and to walk my spectacular herd!

Maybe the key to success in our family is in that endless sofa where we all fit... maybe... but I assure you that in this house, where nothing happens just because, rest is the fundamental piece so that the next morning everything works as a gear.

It was then, with that intention, that my owners got down to work to build the best of my dens.

Concerned about the health of my bones and joints and hygiene, avoiding the annoying hairs and tiny viruses and bacteria that could attack me, they created a company inspired by me: baluka Pets.

A tailor-made project born out of the desire to accompany each other for a long life.
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A tailor-made project born from the desire to accompany each other for a long life.

From there, they researched and consulted on what could be the best place to rest and how to make the years do not weigh me down.

And all this work, has led my owners to launch a new product, made in Spain, with family workshops and full of love:
the therapeutic and hygienic mattress for dogs.

An exciting and committed adventure in which we take care of each and every detail: from the choice of the best fabrics (soft, resistant, anti-dust mite and anti-stain) to the filling that, in an intelligent way, adapts to our body. 2020 was a very special year at home.

After months of tests, improvements and adjustments, we presented the most advanced mattress on the market for dogs.

I now know the best place in the world to dream, while watching over and protecting my own. My instinct was right: we were meant to be!

Even as a puppy, I dreamed of a big family: determined, brave and with a soul as furry as mine.

Without knowing it, I dreamed of a baluka family!

Will you join us?

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