10 razones para regalar a tu perro un colchón de viscoelástica balukaDREAM

10 reasons to give your dog a memory foam mattress

It's a cliché, but that doesn't make it any less true: only those of us who have a dog know how much we love it, how important it is for us and the happiness it brings us.

That our pet is healthy and happy is a priority, and that is why the time has come to give him something unique and exclusive like the balukaDREAM mattress for dogs.

1) Take care of their bones

Dogs spend many hours of the day lying down and it is important that they have a good base. Sleeping on beds that are too soft that they sink into or sleeping on the floor that is too hard is not the best thing to do. The Baluka mattress for dogs has a viscoelastic interior, memory foam that gives them a feeling of weightlessness and adapts to their joints, avoiding pressure and muscle tension. In a young dog, a good sleeping position during growth prevents or minimizes bone problems in the future; and in an older dog or with bone ailments it provides relief and comfort. No matter if the mattress is for large, medium or small dogs, the bones of our furry friends will be well taken care of.

2) Protects your system cardiovascular

Some of the most common ailments in dogs are heart disease or cardiovascular disease. The circulatory system suffers and they have difficulty breathing during sleep. The balukaDREAM mattress for dogs is orthopedic so allows better blood circulation by not having obstruction points and therefore improves the quality of rest.

3) Avoid mites and bacteria

Mites, bacteria and fungi often cause allergic reactions or skin infections.
The advanced cover of the Baluka mattress for dogs has an exclusive anti-mite and antibacterial treatment that limits their ability to reproduce and penetrate. A protection for your dog and for the whole family.

4) Promotes restful sleep

As you rest, so will your day. This is valid for people, but of course also for dogs. The comfort provided by the balukaDREAM mattress for dogs favors a restful sleep at night which will ensure that your furry friend has a good day, is in a good mood, does not feel anxiety or nervousness and is full of energy and desire to to live.

5) Facilitates cleaning and hygiene

A well-cared-for dog requires proper hygiene. Dog owners do NOT agree with those who say that where there is a dog there is dirt. The balukaDREAM mattress cover for dogs is made with an easy-to-clean stain-resistant fabric: by wiping it with a damp cloth daily, it stays as it was the first day, without bad odors and maintaining the original colour.

It is likely that you are looking for a waterproof mattress for dogs, at balukaDREAM we offer you something better: a WATERPROOF mattress, that is, it does not allow moisture to pass through, thus avoiding water filtrations, but it does sweat inside.

6) A unique space for your pet

After a long walk, a run in the fields or an afternoon of play with other dogs, your dog will appreciate having a unique, exclusive and comfortable space for him in which to retire to regain strength to face another day of emotions.

7) Mattress with guarantee

The quality of the balukaDREAM mattress for dogs is noticeable, seen, felt from the day it arrives home to improve the rest and life of your dog. And the quality is guaranteed, two years to be exact. So if you are looking for a cheap dog mattress, think that cheap is expensive.

8) Exclusive and unique like your dog

Your dog is unique and its balukaDREAM mattress is too When you order your dog's mattress from us we put underway to personalize it with his embroidered name, so it's clear that it's yours and yours alone.

9) Because your dog loves you…

For your dog, you are his world, his passion and his reason for being. He will still love you no matter what you do, but if what you do contributes to his well-being and health, all the better.

10) … and because you adore him.

That's why when you see him happy and rested you'll know you've done the right thing: Baluka.

What are you waiting for ? Choose your furry's mattress.


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