8 señales de que tu perro te quiere

8 signs that your dog loves you

I was told a story that brought tears to my eyes:

"A man became ill and had little time left to live. His dog, now old and almost blind, would not leave the foot of his bed day or night. If the man had to spend a few days in the hospital the animal stayed in the room whining and lamenting his absence, although he was well cared for and fed by relatives of his master.

On one occasion, the man returned home from his last stay in the hospital already to die. And that day came. They allowed the dog to say goodbye to him. The animal seemed to understand what was happening. It gently rested its muzzle on its master's chest until he breathed his last.

When the man's relatives returned from the cemetery, the dog lay lifeless in the same room where his master had died hours before.

He seemed to be smiling."

Sad and beautiful love story. Because yes, dogs love their humans (and not just because they feed them) and they let you know it with different signs.

8 signs that your dog loves you

Dogs are loyal and loving animals that become our life companions.

Dogs are often considered man's best friend, and their unconditional love is hard to match. If you have a dog, you've probably already noticed that he loves you, but how does he show it?

Here are some signs that your dog really loves you:

1. Wagging his tail

A dog's tail is a very important communication tool. When a dog wags his tail enthusiastically when he sees you, it's a sign that he's happy to see you and that he loves you. If he wags it from side to side, it indicates that he is happy and relaxed, while if he wags it quickly and vigorously, it is a sign that he is very excited. If he also approaches you and greets you with his tail, it is a sign that he considers you part of his pack and that he loves you very much.

2. He follows you everywhere

If your dog follows you everywhere, it is a sign that he wants to keep you close and that he feels safe and happy by your side. When you get up from your chair, he gets up with you. If you walk into the kitchen, he walks in behind you. If you sit on the couch, he curls up next to you. If you go to the bathroom, he goes with you. And if you don't let him in... he waits patiently at the door for you to come out. This attitude shows that your dog considers you his leader and trusts you to guide him.

3. He licks your face

Although it may be a little uncomfortable for us, when a dog licks our face it is a sign of affection and affection. Dogs use their tongues to clean their puppies and to show affection to other members of their pack. If your dog licks your face, it is a way of telling you that he loves you and considers you part of his family.

4. He brings you his toys

Dogs often associate their toys with times of play and fun, but they can also use them to show affection. If your dog brings you his toys and leaves them at your feet, it is a sign that he wants to share his things with you and that he trusts you. If he also plays with you, it's a way to strengthen your bond and show affection for each other.

5. Cuddles with you

When a dog curls up next to you or on your lap, it's a sign that he feels safe and secure by your side. If he also puts his head on your lap or looks at you tenderly, it's a sign that he loves you and enjoys your company. And if you let him climb into bed with you... you'll be making him very happy.

6. He looks you in the eye

Eye contact with his human is very important to dogs... they don't talk, and it's a powerful way to communicate. If he stares at you, he's trying to get your attention. Depending on when he does it, he may want one thing or another: he may be hungry if it's close to dinner time; he may want to go for a walk if you've just come home from work; or he may want to play with you if you've been busy with other things for a long time.

7. Likes to lie on your clothes.

If you have left some of your clothes on the bed or sofa and you leave, you may find your dog lying on them when you come back. Logical: he gives off your scent and that makes him feel close to you even when you are not there. Doggy love.

8. He accompanies you in silence if you are not well

You may have noticed that if you are sad one day, or if you are not feeling well, your dog is especially sensitive to you. He lies down close to you, puts his nose close to you or rests his head on your legs. He is telling you, without words, that whatever is happening to you, he is there to accompany you unconditionally.