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Care of large dogs at rest

The beds for large dogs are an essential accessory to guarantee the best rest of our best friend. They are part of the family and also need to have their own space, a corner where they feel safe and comfortable. Also, keep in mind that a dog sleeps an average of twelve to eighteen hours a day , and it is possible that he spends more time lying in his bed if he lives in an apartment. Therefore, it is crucial to provide a comfortable and quality mattress.

The importance of rest in dogs

A dog is more than a faithful companion that will never fail us: it is our responsibility. Their health and well-being is entirely in our hands, since they are living beings with physical and emotional needs that we must make an effort to cover. Food, hygiene, exercise, rest and socialization are the main aspects that we must take into account to keep our best friend happy, balanced and healthy.

As we said, the resting place of our dog is very important, since, to them, just as it happens to us, sleeping or resting with discomfort can affect us a lot. Who hasn't woken up with back or neck pain, after sleeping in an uncomfortable bed, or on a small sofa?

Dogs, also, when sleeping with their bed placed directly on the soil, they can be affected by the cold, and this can end up affecting their health in the long run. Large dogs are even more affected by the quality of the place where they rest.

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Our Bed Memory Foam for Dogs Large Dogs

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The best bed for dogs with dysplasia or osteoarthritis
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Beds for large dogs

Contrary to what some believe, large dog breeds can be more delicate than small ones, as they age more quickly and often have joint or back problems. So, in these cases, you have to pay special attention and provide the best sleeping conditions.

Beds for large dogs must be adapted to their size. Just as we don't like our feet sticking out of the bed, they also need to be sheltered whole on a warm and fluffy surface. The dimensions of an anti-stress bed for dogs should be slightly larger than those of the animal itself, both in length and width.

It is always better to have more than enough, because large breed dogs, being less cold, they have a tendency to sleep stretched out. That is why the mattress must be large enough to prevent the limbs or the head from hanging, which could cause an injury. The thickness is also important, to maintain good insulation from the cold of the floor in winter or from the heat in summer.

Where to place a bed for a large dog?

To decide the best resting place for our dog, we must ensure that the following conditions are met:

  • Quiet and intimate area. The bed should be placed in a quiet part of the the house, preferably against a wall, in an area where there is no traffic, and where there are no sources of noise, but where you don't feel confined either. You have to be able to relax and feel sheltered, but at the same time be able to observe what is happening in the environment.
  • Comfortable temperature. The mattress must be placed in a place where there are no drafts that may disturb or affect the health of the dog. It also has to have a pleasant temperature, neither cold in winter nor hot in summer.

Other aspects to take into account

When choosing a bed for our dog, we must look at the materials and opt for quality

There to avoid mattresses that are too soft. Viscoelastic ones are ideal for dogs with osteoarthritis or for young dogs, because they offer adaptability and good firmness. Some breeds are prone to musculoskeletal ailments, and other dogs, especially rescues, may arrive with injuries due to neglect or abuse in their previous life. An orthopedic bed for large dogs is the perfect solution to provide them with the best quality of life and guarantee them a healthy rest.

Another factor that we cannot forget when choosing the best bed is that it is easy to wash. Keep in mind that dogs tend to shed hair throughout the year, and to step on all kinds of floors with their bare feet, so the most practical thing is to opt for a anti-hair, anti-mite and anti-odour material.

In the event that the dog sleeps outside, it should always be in a place sheltered from inclement weather and with a bed that provides relaxation and is resistant to mold, bacteria and humidity.

Finally, it is convenient to buy the mattresses for our best friend in trusted stores that have the best quality products. They give us everything, so they deserve everything too. At baluka, we offer you a mattress for large dogs specially designed for their bones, joints and to get rid of snag hairs and stains.