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Cheap Dog Beds: Why NOT Buy Them

When we decide to buy a new mattress for our bed, we spend some time informing ourselves about different options, features and prices. We understand that it is an important purchase and that it has to have a minimum of quality to provide us with a good rest. We understand it as an investment in our health, since we spend many hours of our lives sleeping.

But… what about your dog? Have you thought that his rest is also very important for his quality of life?

The importance of the mattress or bed for your dog

A healthy adult dog sleeps from 12 to 14 hours daily. As a puppy he may need up to 18 hours of sleep. And a senior dog needs to rest more than 15 hours.

A restful sleep is key to replenish energy, promote a good immune system and protect the heart, among other benefits.

There are dogs that, due to their age or due to health circumstances, need to spend many hours lying down even if they are not sleeping: for example, when they have to recover from surgery, or when due to osteoarthritis or dysplasias they find it difficult to stand up for long.

For all these reasons, it is important for our dog to have a good base of rest that allows it to regenerate, avoid stress, enjoy a good mood and maintain or recover a good state of health.

How to choose the best bed for my dog?

There are many beds and mattresses for dogs on the market, and it is worth spending some time learning about the different options to decide which one is best for your pet.

Depending on its size, weight, age and way of sleeping r you can decide between one or the other. But don't be fooled: a super cheap bed will surely not have the quality or desirable features for your dog's good rest.

Reasons to invest in a good mattress or bed for dogs

Note that we say “invest”, which means spending more but with the certainty that In the long run it will be a benefit to us. Or rather, many benefits:


For a dog to rest well, it has to feel comfortable. Obvious, right?

An excessively soft or fluffy bed or mattress may seem comfortable at first glance, but… can you imagine yourself sleeping half-sunken on a huge cushion? do you think you would feel comfortable? Put yourself in your dog's place.

The ideal is a base with just the right amount of firmness, neither soft nor hard, that allows him to position his body and joints well and avoid bad postures.


Having its own bed provides the dog with security. It is his territory, his refuge, his exclusive rest area that gives him peace of mind. Although sometimes he sleeps with you or we allow him on the sofa, it is good that he has a mattress that he recognizes as his. If you travel with him and bring his bed, it will help him feel at home.

It is good that you have a quality bed, resistant but pleasant, that does not deform and is easy to transport.

Bone care and joints

Regardless of whether your dog likes to sleep stretched out or a little more shrunk, an excellent option is a mattress with a viscoelastic base with “memory effect” that adapts to its body and avoid pressure. If your dog is young, you will be helping to prevent many bone ailments resulting from poor posture. And if you have a senior dog with a diagnosed bone disease, it will be a great relief and help him rest much better.

In dogs with osteoarthritis, arthritis or dysplasias, it is the most recommended option by veterinary professionals due to its good results.

Mites and bacteria

If the interior of a mattress or dog bed is important, the exterior part with which it is the animal is going to have contact

There are beds with covers made of cheap and synthetic materials that become nests of mites and bacteria and favor allergies and dirt, which is not recommended even for the animal or for his family.

Others are made of plastic materials that claim to be waterproof but not at all pleasant to the touch... can you imagine yourself sleeping on plastic?... Well, that's it.

Cleanliness and smells

Well yes, although we love our furry ones, the truth is that they leave traces of smells and hair throughout the house and especially in their bed where they spend a lot of time.

For this reason, it is essential that the cover of your bed be made of a fabric that is pleasant to the touch but at the same time easy to maintain, washable and in which the hairs do not catch. If it also has an anti-odor treatment, we will have found the perfect bed for our pet.

Insulating materials

Another thing to keep in mind account when choosing a bed for our dog is the temperature. A poor quality bed can be made with synthetic fabrics that give you a lot of heat in the summer or do not insulate you enough from the cold or humidity in the winter months. In less cheap but high-quality mattresses, thermoregulatory fabrics are usually used that adapt to the body's temperature at any time of the year. A plus of comfort for our dog that will make his rest of the best quality.

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Pay attention to it As the saying goes: cheap is expensive

As we have seen, buying any cheap bed or mat is not the best thing for the health and well-being of our dog. And although it may seem paradoxical, it's not for our pocket either.

A cheap and low-quality bed deforms easily and picks up odors that are difficult to eliminate. In addition, when washing it, the stains may not come out completely, it fades or shrinks easily. That will mean that we end up buying several beds a year and in the end we spend more than if we buy a single quality mattress.

Now you know why buying a cheap bed or mattress is not the best option for your dog.

Think in the medium and long term and offer your pet a good base for his rest. He will live healthier and happier and have sweet dreams