Cúrcuma para perros: dosis necesarias y cuáles son sus beneficios

Turmeric for dogs: necessary doses and what are its benefits

Turmeric is a plant from which practically all its parts are used, its root being the most used area. The powder extracted from here ends up being part of a very common spice in culinary use, and of great benefits for the health of dogs. Let's see the benefits of turmeric in dogs , what are the recommended doses and how it is convenient to administer it.

What are the benefits of turmeric for dogs

Bone and joint inflammations

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, making it an effective food supplement to combat canine arthritis and osteoarthritis, both for prevention and relief of symptoms. It is the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory that exists.

However, it is not a treatment as such, but a nutritional supplement, and must work in conjunction with other remedies for osteoarticular inflammations of dogs.

Digestive function

The digestive properties of turmeric are manifested in how this plant contributes to the creation of gastric and biliary juice, in addition to protecting the liver of the dog (so it is also beneficial for dogs with fatty liver). Additionally, turmeric increases the production of probiotics, necessary for the maintenance of the intestinal flora. Consequently, its intake will help the dog to avoid episodes of flatulence, stomach cramps, diarrhea and gastroenteritis.

Detoxification of the body

In this case, its antioxidant properties are those that influence the prevention of cellular oxidation, the result of a diet based exclusively on feed, and lacking in beneficial substances for the dog's body. The intake of vitamin supplements with a high content of turmeric helps to alleviate this deficiency.

Prevention of canine diabetes

In addition to being anti-inflammatory, turmeric has antiglycemic properties: it is capable of regulating the concentration of glucose in the blood, as well as stimulating the pancreas. Therefore, it can predispose the dog's body to tolerate insulin if he suffers from diabetes.

Turmeric, the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory that exists

What is the right dose of turmeric for a dog

As with all things biochemistry, recommended doses will depend on the size and of the weight of the dog. In addition, it will be convenient to distinguish between two possible purposes, namely: a prevention scenario, or a palliative treatment of symptoms.

The proportion that the doses of turmeric must have for a dog is of 15 to 20 milligrams daily for every kilo of your weight. In more legible (daily) terms, it consists of one tablespoon per day for every 4.5 kilos the dog weighs.

As a preventive treatment, large breed dogs weighing between 25 and 35 kilos should never exceed an intake of 60 milligrams per day. On the other hand, if the dog already suffers from some pathology and the purpose is to help alleviate the symptoms, it is possible to increase the dose up to 3 grams per day, always with the supervision of a veterinarian on the recommended concentration and the duration of treatment.

However, the limit is different if the pathology consists of joint pain: in this case, the recommended dose of turmeric to serve as an anti-inflammatory is 1 gram daily, at most.

We say this because high doses of turmeric can cause hepatic problems (in the liver); In addition, they can interfere with the effect of anticoagulants, and it is not recommended, in any case, to administer turmeric to a pregnant dog.

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Turmeric as a natural anti-inflammatory
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How to give your dog turmeric

Animal nutrition experts recommend not mixing turmeric with feed, but with home-prepared food, to prevent the dog from suffering from digestive problems: for example, sprinkling turmeric on a boiled rice, chicken and carrot base

In addition, it will be It is highly recommended that the dog drink plenty of water while consuming turmeric: excessive doses can cause constipation in the animal, in addition to the aforementioned liver problems.

A very effective way to control the dose of turmeric is mix it with black pepper, since it helps its absorption. The effect of turmeric, therefore, is optimized, not being necessary to administer a very high concentration of this plant.

Taking into account all these conditions for intake, the vitamin supplement based on Baluka turmeric, balukaVIT, is designed to be administered to dogs of all sizes and breeds, regardless of their pathologies: it consists of individual capsules whose independent doses contain essential vitamins such as B, C , the E or the K, essential for your body. All of this makes it a very effective treatment for joint pain in dogs.

Giving turmeric to dogs can mean the difference between a mediocre quality of life and a healthier and more happy, as long as we respect the doses appropriate to their weight, and we take into account the purpose of the intake (either preventive or palliative).