Dormir con tu perro es bueno o malo

Sleeping with your dog is good or bad

If you have a dog, it is likely that you sleep with it or have done so at some time. It is also possible that they have criticized you for it, that they have told you that it is unhygienic or that it can infect you with something. It may even be that you hide from that annoying friend or your mother that you and your furry friend take some championship naps together.

Is it bad to sleep with my dog?

Initially no, as long as you maintain a series of precautions. We assume that your furry is up to date with his vaccinations and that you maintain minimum hygiene habits. But zero risk does not exist, so it is best to weigh the pros and cons of sharing a bed with your pet.

What are the advantages of sleeping with my dog?


The first, and most obvious, is that is a real treat. The pleasant and peaceful feeling that listening to his calm breathing (and even his sighs) gives us while he sleeps is unmatched.

The bond that is created between you and your dog when you share a bed is indescribable, incomparable, and those emotional ties that unite you become, if possible, much stronger.

Feeling the contact and presence of your dog (especially especially if we don't have a partner), it will make you feel accompanied and will give you a great sense of security.

Sleeping with your pet decreases the stress and anxiety. After a hard day's work, this is the best way to relax and forget about day-to-day problems.

But it's not all pros... and cons?


Although we already know that you keep your dog clean and dewormed, it is very likely that it will lose hair and that it carries on its little legs dirt contracted on its walks down the street that will end up between your sheets.

And yes, despite that you try to have everything under control, there is also the risk that it could infect us with some parasite or flea... it's a dog.

We were talking about the pleasure of feeling his relaxed breathing and his sighs but... also your dog may snore... pleasure can turn into torture!!

If you have a partner, the best thing for your intimacy won't be having a furry intruder watching your every move

So... what is the best solution?

Don't eat the coconut, It's okay if from time to time your dog jumps on the bed and you can't tell him no. Your dog loves sleeping with you, and you love sleeping with him. That's how it is. But sometimes, for a thousand reasons (lack of space in bed, lack of intimacy, heat...) you prefer that he not be there all the time.

In that case, you should set the rules and teach him to get down when you ask him to.

A good solution is to have his own bed, if you want close to yours, in which he also feels comfortable and safe . A bed suitable for its size and characteristics, which provides a good quality rest.

We recommend our balukaDREAM viscoelastic mattress. In addition to resting, you will be taking care of your bones and joints.

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