Cómo crear espacios para los perros en casa

How to create spaces for dogs at home

All dogs have a "favorite" space in the home, and a series of favorite places depending on the time of day. We are going to see how to adapt the spaces for dogs at home and how to make an area for dogs according to the different areas and moments. The idea is to make our best friend feel as comfortable and integrated as possible in family life.

Do dogs need their own space at home?

At first glance, it may seem that a dog can be perfectly adapted to any home, and can be comfortable in any part of the house. This approach is not totally wrong, but it is very convenient to choose well for our best friend a own space properly cared for. Why?

When a dog has a space that is his alone (or, at least, that is how he perceives it), he will go to it looking for tranquility and intimacy. Yes, dogs also have that need to be in a place where no one else intrudes. This is where he will leave his toys or precious objects, and it will probably also be where he will sleep (although this will not always be the case).

This association is very important in order to educate the dog and help him distinguish between active and rest times. In addition, it will serve to mark the limits and better control their movements and situations.

The characteristics that spaces for dogs at home should have are:

  1. Tranquility. Dogs love to be in quiet places, away from areas where there are noises or shocks.
  2. Company. The fact that the place is quiet does not mean have to be isolated. The dog needs to socialize and feel close to the other members of the household.
  3. Comfort. Of special importance when choosing the resting place for your dog. An area or surface with little humidity, that is not too cold in winter or too hot in summer.
  4. Entertainment. There are areas that the dog has associated with rest, and others other than play . It is convenient to help you in that distinction; later, we'll see how to make a homemade dog park.
  5. Safety. Dogs need to feel safe too. For this reason, on many occasions they tend to take refuge behind tables or chairs. When they are very young, it is also a good idea to build a playpen for puppies.
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How to prepare spaces for your dogs at home

A dog park

This area will preferably be where your dog plays, and it will be especially important if it is a puppy (or group of puppies). When dogs are very young, they are at a stage where everything catches their attention, but they are also exposed to risks that are easily controlled if we have a small fence that isolates them from the rest of the house .

There are many that can be bought and are already designed for this purpose, but they can also be made at home by assembling / gluing pieces of wood from a piece of furniture that we are going to throw away. If the dog is a puppy, its pad will also have to be inside the park, since they still do not have control over their physiological needs.

Several differentiated areas in the house

In order to help the dog find its own space, you should locate it in an area that is not frequented by members of the household, but that is not an excessively isolated place either.

Also, keep in mind that your dog is not going to need only one area, you will have to allocate one place for it to sleep, another to rest while it accompanies you in your day to day, and one for him to play in. Your dog's use of these locations may overlap at times, and you'll only know that by seeing how he usually gets along.

The Resting Area

As soon as the best place for your dog to sleep, it should always be near you, that is, in the same room as your bedroom or right next to the door, since some dogs are invaded by an instinct protection, on the one hand, and a need for closeness on the other.

It will also be very convenient if you have a comfortable mattress for your dog to rest at night, such as the bed balukaDREAM that we developed at Baluka, an anti-mite and antibacterial viscoelastic mattress that will undoubtedly help your dog rest better.

What we do not recommend is that your dog's resting area be a rug or carpet. Textile surfaces tend to accumulate a lot of mites and dirt, and can contribute to the bad smell of the house.

Spaces for dogs at home are important as they will reinforce the daily stability of your best dude. They will help you to differentiate the moment of the game from that of sleep or the family company, and will also help you to optimize your own space within your home.