Cómo eliminar el olor a perro en casa

How to get rid of dog smell at home

Some owners can be driven by the bad smell of their pets. That much-heard phrase "my house smells like a dog" contains certain explanations beyond the obvious ones, since both animals and people give off a very characteristic smell. Apart from calling for calm (because, in reality, that smell does not have to be a bad thing), we are going to give some tricks to eliminate the smell of dog at home.

Why does my dog ​​smell bad?

Go ahead, the smell of the dog is not usually unpleasant in itself: in some houses where there is a dog, "it smells like a dog", and it is normal. All animals give off a characteristic odor , just like people, except that sometimes this odor can be very intense, and could be unpleasant even for those who regularly live with a pet.

The reason the dog's scent can be particularly strong is that they use it to socialize with other dogs . Their way of identifying with each other is through their body odor, and the changes that occur in these scents help them communicate with each other.

For example, based on scent, a dog can identify a female in heat (with a view to mating), an alpha male (with its consequences for hierarchy or survival), or a puppy (to which it will rarely spend time). some hostile behavior).

Beyond these natural smells, whose nuances can change depending on multiple factors (and many of them undetectable to our sense of smell), the truth is that dog hair has an intense smell, and in sometimes it can be unpleasant . Why is that?

Skin infections

A common cause of a dog's coat smelling strongly is the action of parasites : in addition to the smell, you will see that your dog licks or scratches vehemently on certain areas, which could mean that , are either experiencing an allergic reaction, or are infested with mites , fleas, or other parasites.

Lack of cleanliness

Although it is an obvious reason, it should not be overlooked that the lack of hygiene will influence the bad smell of the dog if the accumulation of dust and dirt on its fur is not eliminated. When the dog's hair is clean, it still gives off a characteristic odor, but much more attenuated and even pleasant.

Overproduction of fat

The dog's skin always generates fat (lipid layer), and in a much higher proportion than people, since it helps protect them against the cold and against possible infections. However, this fat, by being secreted in excess , can increase the intensity of its smell.

Anal gland problems

Dogs have glands on both sides of the anal opening that, in addition to helping them lubricate during the defecation process, secrete their most characteristic odor (the one that allows them to identify each other). Sometimes when that lubrication thickens, the glands get clogged and the smell can become very unpleasant.

cómo eliminar el olor a perro en casa

4 tricks so that the house does not smell like a dog

1. Maintain ventilation in the home

This solution is as obvious as it is effective: the best thing you can do to keep your house free of bad odors is renew the air in the rooms by ventilating as often as you can.

2. Bathing your dog with the right products

The moment of bathing will be fundamental, because in this process you will eliminate dead skin, secretions and parasites from their fur. It is advisable to use a special shampoo for dogs, and it is very effective to add apple cider vinegar to the shampoo.Last but not least, make sure you dry him well, because humidity encourages the proliferation of bacteria, whose activity and decomposition usually cause bad odors to a great extent

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3. Clean surfaces regularly

The smell of dog in the house is usually due to the impregnation of the dog's fur with different surfaces, such as its mattress, carpets or sofas. The more time the dog spends on a surface, the more "stuck" its smell will be, especially if it usually rests on textile surfaces. To clean these surfaces, it is highly recommended to sprinkle baking soda on the rooms that your dog usually frequents.

4. Use an anti-odor dog bed

As we said before, the decomposition of bacteria is usually responsible for bad odors, so an anti-odor mattress can be a good solution. The viscoelastic mattress for dogs with anti-odor treatment balukaDREAM , by eliminating the activity of bacteria by 99.9%, manages to prevent them from are impregnated and cause that characteristic smell. In addition, its composition allows it to eliminate 91% of the viruses that may be deposited on its surface.

Based on the fact that the smell of dog is not bad in itself, it is true that it can be annoying if the smell, already intense, becomes stronger. At Baluka we recommend supporting measures against bad odors with the use of anti-odour, antiviral and antibacterial mattresses.