Cómo elegir el mejor colchón para tu perro

How to choose the best mattress for your dog

If you consider your dog one of the family, do not neglect his rest.
It is important for his development, health and comfort.

The best for your pet.

You always choose quality food for your dog, you care about it and dedicate your time to it, you provide it with the veterinary care it needs, but… have you ever wondered if he rests well?

Sleeping is not the same as resting.

No. Sleep and rest are not the same. Not for people, not for dogs. Therefore, just as we seek a good bed with a quality mattress, they also deserve a good base of rest. Because a good rest is essential for good health.

Ah, but can't dogs sleep anywhere?

Let's see, they can . In fact, there are dogs that do not have a mattress for them and sleep on the floor.
But no, it's not ideal. If they have a good base to rest they will also have a healthier general condition, especially when it comes to their joints.

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And what is the best mattress for my dog?

There are many mats and mattresses for dogs on the market, but without doubt the best is the one made of memory foam. The memory effect of this material makes it adapt perfectly to the animal's body while it is resting. This great adaptability means that there are no pressure points and provides great comfort.

And on the outside? Does any cover do?

If the inside of your mattress for pets is important, its outer cover is nonetheless. Things to keep in mind:

Your furry is lovely and you adore him.

But it leaves hair wherever it goes. Depending on the breed, a lot of hair. So it is preferable to choose a cover made of fabrics that make it possible to remove hairs easily. Like the stain-resistant fabrics made with antistatic fabrics that, to remain free of hair, only require a damp cloth, adhesive brush or vacuum cleaner.

They can adhere to the bed and accumulate slime, urine, mud, blood...

not to mention pathogens and infectious agents such as viruses, bacteria and fungi. It is vitally important that the mattress cover is washable. There are those that are removed from the mattress and washed in the washing machine. But without a doubt, the most comfortable and quickest thing is to choose a fabric with anti-stain technology that can be cleaned (including blood and urine) only with a damp cloth.

The comfort and convenience of your pet is also important.

And I assure you that he will feel better on a mattress for dogs with a nice and tasty cover that invites him to sleep on it before he chooses your sofa or your bed.

In short, choosing a good mattress for your pet will provide you with peace of mind and your dog with comfort, health and happiness.

We are convinced that our balukaDREAM mattress is the mattress your dog needs .