Camas para perros grandes cómo elegir la mejor

Beds for large dogs: How to choose the best?

How lucky you are to live with a big dog! Most of them are calm, good-natured, noble, familiar and affectionate. Unconditional of their owners and families, their size is small compared to their great loyalty.

Among the most popular large dogs are the German Shepherd, Golden and Labrador Retriever, Boxer and Belgian Shepherd, and mixed breed dogs, each of them unique and special.

In this article we explain how to properly choose a mattress for large dogs. Due to their large size, these dogs also have great needs that need to be covered, and one of them is the mattress for their rest. Do not neglect this important aspect for their health.

cama para perros grandes

Weight counts, and a lot

We consider large dogs to be all those weighing 30 kilos or more. Some, like the Great Dane or the Saint Bernard, can weigh more than 60 kilos. Having to support that weight makes them prone to bone problems such as osteoarthritis or hip dysplasia that worsen with age.

Another factor to take into account is being overweight or obese. We must help our dog to maintain a appropriate weight. If we see that she loses her shape and curves, that she has a lot of fat in her abdomen and waist and that it is difficult for us to feel her ribs... it is time to get down to work:

  • control her diet, not don't let him eat after hours or give him leftovers or too many treats or treats.

  • increase the duration of his walks and if his health and age allow it, make him run and burn energy.

Putting a dog on a diet costs a lot, they are specialists in making that little face of irresistible pity. But you must be firm and not give him more than necessary. It is your health that is at stake.

cama para perro grande pastor alemán con su nombre bordado

Our Bed Memory Foam for Large Dogs

cama de viscoelástica para perros con grandes propiedades destacadas
It has his name embroidered
cama de viscoelástica para perros con grandes propiedades destacadas
Take care of his bones
cama de viscoelástica para perros con grandes propiedades destacadas
The best bed for dogs with dysplasia or osteoarthritis
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Dogs sleep for many hours: take care their rest

A good base that allows them to adopt good postures when resting is essential. Keep in mind that adult dogs usually sleep between 12 and 14 hours a day, and they need a mattress for dogs that is suitable for their characteristics .

Memory foam mattress: the best option

Fortunately, the days when dogs were fed leftovers and allowed to sleep on the cold floor are long gone. Today, those who have a dog consider it part of their family, and as such they provide the best care in all aspects.

At bedtime, a viscoelastic or Memory Foam mattress becomes the best ally to take care of their bones and provide them with maximum comfort.

Don't think you should wait until your dog is very old or your veterinarian I diagnosed him with a bone problem to get one. Remember that prevention is the best medicine.

Viscoelastic relieves pressure, promotes proper blood circulation and helps prevent and minimize many pathologies.

It is true that its price is higher than that of other beds on the market, but the health and well-being of your dog deserve it, don't you think?

The cover, of quality and easy maintenance. Anti-hair and anti-mite.

If the interior of the mattress for your large dog matters, we must also take into account the exterior. We must ensure that the cover is made of a fabric that is pleasant to the touch for the animal and that it does not radiate too much heat.Nor are we interested in fabrics that retain dust or attract bacteria that can cause allergic reactions. And if they are also easy to clean and maintain, all the better.

And the size?

Your dog is big , so your bed should be too. Observe how your dog sleeps to choose the size of his mattress: does he usually sleep stretched out? snuggles? That will already give you clues as to what is the right size for him.

In any case, the dog should fit perfectly on the mattress. It seems obvious, but there are many owners who buy mattresses that are too tight for their size. Try not to be one of them. I assure you that your great friend will thank you.

balukaDREAM, dog beds created for the best rest

balukaDREAM mattresses are a very good option for your dog's rest: with memory foam, resistant cover, anti-stain, anti-mite, anti-bacteria, anti-odor and anti-hair… and also very easy to maintain because you don't have to take out the cover to clean it: a daily damp cloth will suffice to keep it impeccable. Because quality does not have to be at odds with comfort. Baluka is the high-end mattress for dogs that will make you fall in love with its finishes and quality.

The L and XL sizes are designed for large dogs and are available in various colors.

What are you waiting for to give your big dog the best rest?