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My dog ​​drools a lot: what are the possible causes

Have you noticed your dog drooling a lot lately? Although we know that drooling is normal, you may be worried. That's why we're going to try to find the reasons why your dog drools a lot, and give you some guidelines to help you in case you spend the day thinking "my dog drools a lot...".

Why does my dog drool so much?

It's a response to stress

As you well know, dogs don't like sudden loud noises. Remember how our friends get scared when there are firecrackers or sudden noises in the street?

The same thing happens to them as when thunder strikes in a thunderstorm, or even on some car trips (depending on how used your dog is to traveling with you), our furry ones get very nervous. These stressful situations increase the secretion of drool.

Sadly, it is also common for dogs that have been mistreated or have been traumatized to drool more than usual.

It is a reflex act of their emotion

But it's not all bad news! Dogs also secrete more drool when they are very excited. This will happen, for example, when they see you pick up the leash to go for a walk or when they see the ball or toy they want to play with.

And, of course, what makes all dogs drool? The presence of food! If even people secrete more saliva when we are hungry and see a dish we love or smell a tasty meal, how can our dogs not drool!

Your breed is prone

Not all dog breeds naturally drool in the same way as others. Whether we have an English bulldog, French bulldog, Boxer, St. Bernard, Great Dane or basset hound, we should remain calm. The very nature of these breeds makes them drool more than other dogs.

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Does your dog suffer from any disease

If my dog drools a lot and is also sad, what could be wrong with him? It is very likely that he is suffering from a more or less serious illness.

Sometimes it can also be a sign of dehydration, something much more serious and that can endanger the life of our best friends.

Other times our dogs are drooling and drooling because of bacterial infections. It's logical! Their immune system is fighting the infection, and drooling is a normal physiological response.

He has suffered a poisoning

Food poisoning is very common, as there are many things that dogs should not eat. If your dog has eaten something he shouldn't have, not only will he drool more than usual, but his digestive tract will become inflamed or irritated.

Therefore, it may simply be gastritis caused by something he ate that didn't agree with him.

However, in other occasions, intoxications due to allergies or intolerances are the ones that cause these reactions, and the ones that will make us go to the veterinarian urgently.

He has a localized problem in the mouth

What happens if my dog drools on one side of his mouth, but not on the other? The most frequent explanation for these cases is oral problems. What are they?

  • Gingivitis.
  • Stomatitis.
  • Inflammation of the gums.
  • Broken teeth.
  • Tumors.

It is frequent that this drooling on only one side of the mouth is accompanied by a very unpleasant odor. Again, we should go to the veterinarian to help us to know what is happening to our dog.

He has choked

As you can see, not everything is going to be an uncertain omen: if our dog drools and coughs, he may have choked on something he has ingested and is having trouble breathing.

Not that we want to downplay the importance of this fact, but if the excessive drooling is accompanied by coughing, it is very likely that there is an object that is obstructing his trachea. Drooling and coughing help to lubricate the duct and expel the foreign object.

What should I do if my dog drools a lot?

We have seen that some reasons why a dog drools a lot do not have to have anything wrong behind them. The symptoms accompanying the drooling will alert us that something may not be going well.

In any case, we should adopt a series of good practices to avoid possible problems derived from excessive drooling in our dogs, not because drooling is bad in itself!

We will have to actively monitor what they eat and what they put in their mouths to prevent them from coming into contact with dangerous foods. A regular veterinary check-up will help us to know if they are suffering from any other disease.

And, of course, in order to preserve the hygiene of the home, we should make sure that they always rest in their bed so as not to fill the whole house with drool.

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