Cuidados en el postoperatorio tras esterilizar o castrar a tu perro

Postoperative care after spaying or neutering your dog

Are you worried about caring for the dog after neutering it? It is logical that you have doubts about neutering the dog and its postoperative period: But by following a few simple guidelines and giving it lots of pampering, your dog will be fully recovered in a very short time.

Benefits of neutering

Neutering your dog is an important decision, since it is still a surgery. This intervention aims to prevent the animal from reproducing. It is normal to remove the ovaries and uterus in female dogs and the testicles in males.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and usually takes between 30 minutes and one hour. If everything goes well, the normal thing is that you can take your best friend home on the same day or the next day.

Neutering can bring benefits to dogs.

In the case of females, if the intervention is early, the risk of suffering some types of tumors, such as breast cancer, decreases. The risk of pyometra, a very dangerous infection of the uterus, also disappears.

In males, the risk of suffering from tumours, such as prostate or testicular, also decreases. It helps regulate the behavior of the dog, due to the hormonal changes that occur.

How long does it take for a dog to recover from spaying and neutering

Taking your friend to the vet is a stressful situation, both for the dog and for you. When we are faced with an operation like this, it is normal to feel more worried. Your trusted veterinarian will solve all your doubts, since each animal is different.

But if you wonder how long it takes for a dog to recover from sterilization, know that there are some differences between males and females, since the operation is different.

The males are fully recovered between 5 and 7 days provided there are no complications that lengthen this time.

The females take a little longer, between 7 and 10 days. In addition, even if they lead a normal life, the muscle tissue takes a few weeks to fully recover.

In both cases, the stitches are removed 10-15 days after surgery if they are not absorbable stitches.

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Care of the recently neutered or sterilized dog

Recovery after The sterilization of the dog will be satisfactory following some guidelines of hygiene and comfort. Of course, if you have any doubts or worrying signs, go to your veterinarian.

Prepare a comfortable and relaxing environment

After the operation, your dog will be groggy and under anesthesia. Prepare a quiet corner for his return, with soft lighting and no noise.

A bed like the ones we offer you at Baluka are the best option for the recovery of your best friend. The operated area will be especially sensitive. Thanks to the high-density memory foam of our beds, the pressure points on your pet's body and the pain area due to the intervention are relieved.

Have a blanket handy and put water and food on it. It is normal that in the first hours you do not want to eat, but it is important that you have it close.

If you can, accompany your dog on this first night to monitor his progress and keep him calm.

Wound care

It is very important that your pet does not scratch the wound, and that the stitches may open. Put an Elizabethan collar or T-shirt on it.

Your veterinarian will explain to you how to do the cures. They are done with an antiseptic, gauze and with gentle movements from inside out to avoid infections.

Administer the medication prescribed by the vet, he will normally prescribe antibiotics and analgesics. To make it easier for you, hide the medicine in a prize that he especially likes.

Take your dog to the reviews control the days after the operation.


Anesthesia may cause some discomfort and nausea. Offer a soft diet to your dog for his first meals. After sterilization, it is advisable to offer specific feed for neutered dogs that respond well to their new nutritional needs.


Prevents the dog from jumping or climbing on the sofa. On walks, better on a leash to have control over his movements and prevent the wound from opening or hurting himself. Wait 48 hours before taking the dog for a walk for the first time after the operation.

Warning signs

If a couple of days go by and you see your friend very listless or lethargic, vomiting, not wanting to move or the wound looks bad, consult your veterinarian. Normally, complications do not arise, but it is still a surgery.

The care of the dog after neutering it and the care of a recently neutered bitch are practically the same, only that the female will have a bigger wound and it may take a few days more on being fully recovered.

Castrating a dog has a postoperative period that with some basic care and a lot of love will pass quickly and without complications.