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The best orthopedic mattress for your dog

If you have a senior dog, or not too old but with bone problems, your vet may have recommended an orthopedic mattress for him.

Perhaps you had never considered that the dog bed was so important for its health. We want to explain the advantages of providing the best rest on the best mattress.


When choosing an orthopedic mattress for your dog, you must take into account both the interior and the exterior.

The interior

That is, the type of foam with which it is made. Its firmness and density will have a direct impact on your pet's rest and comfort.

The exterior

That is, the cover with which the mattress is covered. It is no less important, since it is the part that will be in direct contact with the animal.

The interior: high-density memory foam

If we look up the meaning of orthopedic in the dictionary, we read: “Which serves to prevent or correct deformations or deviations of the bones and joints of the body”.

And for that, nothing better than viscoelastic foam or “memory foam” (memory foam).

This type of foam was created by NASA to cushion shocks during astronaut takeoffs and landings. A foam that relieves pressure as it adapts to the shape of the animal, providing maximum comfort. With just the right firmness, neither hard like the ground, nor excessively soft so that the dog does not sink and feels comfortable.

Just what a dog with bone pain problems caused by osteoarthritis needs , arthritis, dysplasias and other joint-related ailments. It is also ideal for dogs that are recovering from interventions or illnesses and that have to spend many hours lying down.

The exterior: a quality cover with maximum performance

It makes no sense to invest in a quality viscoelastic bed or mattress for your dog if the cover that covers it is a nest of mites, dirt, moisture... or if it is not pleasant to the touch for your pet.

These are the aspects to take into account regarding the cover:

Soft and pleasant fabric

Keep in mind that an old dog, or with health problems or recovering from an operation, will spend many hours lying down A scratchy, plastic or fabric cover that radiates heat is not the best option. Try to make the surface with which it is in contact at least pleasant.

Hygienic and easy-to-clean cover

If possible, with anti-stain treatment, even the most difficult ones: blood, feces, mud, grease… Resistant to liquids so that possible “leakage” can be easily removed. And if possible, that the hairs do not get caught.

Resistant fabric

Animals can sometimes scratch the bed with their paws, when going up and down or when looking for the most comfortable position, so it is interesting that the fabric of your mattress cover is strong enough. Eye, strong but not hard or rigid. Because then, it will not be comfortable.


There are fabrics that prevent or limit the penetration of mites and bacteria, favoring maximum hygiene for the dog and for the whole family, as well as avoiding bad odors.

An orthopedic bed is not the cheapest, but it is the best

When we buy a mattress for We or our family consider it an important purchase and we dedicate time to its choice and a significant budget (if we are looking for a minimum quality, of course) since we are going to use it every day.

If you have decided to buy your dog an orthopedic bed or mattress, it is because you are concerned about its health. And what you spend on it must be taken as an investment.Therefore, be wary of very low-priced mattresses. Remember the saying: cheap is expensive

Only for dogs with joint and bone problems?

When saying “orthopedic” mattress, it may seem that it is indicated for older or sick dogs, with mobility problems or with some ailment. And yes, it is true that an orthopedic bed or mattress is ideal for these animals.

But not only for them: “orthopedic” can also be associated with prevention. Therefore, even if you have a young and healthy dog, by providing it with a good base of rest, you will be preventing and/or avoiding possible future health problems. And we assure you that your dog will sleep much more comfortably than in those soft and very cheap foam beds. Would you be comfortable in a sinking bed?

That's right.

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Our Orthopedic Mattress for Dogs

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The best for dogs with dysplasia or osteoarthritis
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Baluka, quality orthopedic mattresses for dogs and demanding owners

If you are sure you want the best orthopedic mattress for your dog and you are looking for excellence, the Baluka mattress for dogs is the best option:

With a 10 cm thick interior to make it easier for the animal to get on and off easily, with the upper layer of high-density viscoelastic that will adapt to every inch of your dog's body for maximum comfort.

With a spectacular cover, unique in its line, with a soft touch and velvety very nice for your pet. Without being a plastic, it repels liquids.

Super hygienic and very easy to maintain due to its treatments:

  • antibacterial and anti-mite to avoid allergies and bad odours
  • stain resistant (can be cleaned with a damp cloth even with mud, blood, urine or grease stains), although eventually and if you want to do a more thorough cleaning you can also wash it in a washing machine
  • hair repellent, which does not they are hooked by the structure of the fabric and are removed with a simple brushing or even just with the hand
  • thermoregulator, it adapts to the dog's temperature without being cold or radiating heat
  • resistant to possible snags produced by the animal's nails

Baluka manufactures in Spain in local clothing workshops with proximity and top quality materials.

Customer service is paramount, so if you need it you will have personalized telephone attention to answer all your questions.

The orthopedic mattress Baluka is available in various colors and sizes. And to make it even more exclusive, you can order it with your dog's name embroidered.

Baluka. Good for your dog. Good for you.