Trucos para eliminar el pelo de los gatos y perros de la casa, ropa, cama...

Tricks to remove hair from dogs and cats

Living with an animal is a wonderful experience full of moments that will go down in memory, which does not mean that on a day-to-day basis you have to deal with the little inconveniences that are emerging. Sharing spaces, playing in the living room, snuggling together on the sofa or keeping each other company watching a series in bed, are everyday pleasures that serve to create a beautiful bond.

But let's not forget that most pets, whether they are dogs or cats, they tend to leave behind a trail of hair that can make cleaning the house more difficult. However, following a series of very simple guidelines, and using materials anti-hair , it will be much easier for you to keep the house spotless and free of hair (as much as possible).

Daily brushing

To prevent surfaces and floors from house becomes full of hair, the first step is to brush the animal daily. It is important to incorporate it into the daily routine, in addition to maintaining home hygiene, it can become a very pleasant ritual for both.

In the case of dogs, you can take advantage of some of the walks to give them five minutes of brushing, and with the cats, you can take advantage of that last relaxing moment at night while you watch a series or a movie. In addition to preventing them from shedding more hair, will have much more shine and softness . It is important to choose the right brush for each animal and type of hair, and try not to pull or bother them.

It is better to vacuum than to sweep

When there are animals at home, it is better vacuum than sweep, although rubber brooms can also be effective. For the house to be perfect, it would be advisable to vacuum the floor, carpets and armchairs every day, although due to lack of time it is not usually done.

The robot vacuum cleaner can be a great ally, since it can be programmed at any time of the day to do a complete review of all floors and corners. In addition, most have special silicone brushes for hair. It is recommended that the vacuum cleaner has filters against mites and thus we will obtain a perfect cleaning.

Washing machine with special programs

Those who live with animals know that it is easy for everything to end up covered with small hairs: the the sofa, the blankets, the bedspread, the cover of your own mattress, our clothes… Sometimes, even after washing the clothes in the washing machine, the little hairs are still there . An effective trick is to run a sticky roller through the clothes before putting them in the washing machine to remove as much hair as possible.

Some washing machines already have special programs to remove pet hair. The dryer is also a great help, to give it a final touch and finish getting rid of the last hairs that have been attached to the fabric. You have to remember to check the filters often and that the garments are suitable for drying in a tumble dryer.

Microfiber mops and cloths

Microfiber is another material that should be close by if you live with dogs or cats. It has absorbent and antistatic properties, so it is capable of retaining dirt particles, hair, skin debris, and dust in general. Both mops and cloths, for cleaning furniture, will help us remove any remaining hair that has been deposited on the floor or any other surface.

Repellent fabrics

Every time there is more material alternatives designed to repel stains and hair. We can find covers and fabrics for sofas and armchairs, which in addition to being decorative, are very resistant to stains and tears, are anti-pilling and offer protection against fungi, bacteria and mites. In addition, they are usually very easy to clean simply with a cloth and water, although they can also be machine washed with a result like new

Dog beds

Ideally, the dog or cat has its own bed, although at certain times we like to be together on the sofa or in bed. They also need a space exclusively for them where they can take refuge, sleep undisturbed and isolate themselves if they feel like it.

For them to be totally comfortable, it is important to choose a quality mattress, such as balukaDream that we offer in baluka. It is made with high-quality viscoelastic and with an exclusive anti-pilling, anti-mite and liquid-repellent fabric. The cover is washable and can be kept with a damp cloth on a daily basis, and put in the washing machine if necessary.

If you are looking for the best bed for your pet, the balukaDream has it all. Thanks to its material memory foam, it offers the most comfortable rest with the ideal firmness for animals of any weight and size. In addition, the hairs do not adhere to the fabric and it can be cleaned with a cloth in one go. It is also perfect for cats, because it prevents annoying nail snags.


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