¿Cuáles son los principales problemas óseos de los perros?

What are the main bone problems in dogs?

Your dog. Tireless, inexhaustible, always ready to go out, to play, to run, no matter the cold or the rain. For some time now he is more apathetic, lazy, it is difficult for him to get up and he even limps sometimes. Diagnosis: osteoarthritis.

What is osteoarthritis and why does it occur?

My dog has osteoarthritis: what can I do to improve his quality of life?

Osteoarthritis is the most common chronic degenerative disease in dogs, affecting their bones and joints, especially the knees, elbows, hips and spine. It is a wear and tear of the articular cartilage that prevents the bones from fitting together properly and causes a lot of pain.

As it is a degenerative disease, it is important to be able to detect it as soon as possible in order to treat it in its early stages. Sometimes this is complicated and we do not realize that something is wrong until we notice that our dog limps, has difficulty getting up or moving, is apathetic or loses his appetite. An x-ray or a CAT scan will confirm the diagnosis.

My dog is young, it cannot be that he has osteoarthritis!

It is estimated that 20% of dogs over one year old suffer from osteoarthritis, and that this percentage also increases with age, reaching 90% in dogs over 12 years old.

That is to say, although it is true that the older the dog is, the more likely it is to have osteoarthritis, it is also true that young dogs can suffer from it: trauma, genetic factors or overweight are usually the most common causes.

According to Ares Burballa, clinical director of the Hospital Veterinari Garbí in Cabrera de Mar (Barcelona), prevention and regular visits to the vet will help to detect osteoarthritis in dogs early: "owners, when dogs are young, are not used to coming to the vet for these problems, but that does not mean that they do not exist".

Arthrosis, and joint problems in general, are more common in dogs of large and giant breeds. We have to pay special attention to their bones from the growth stage, provide them with a good diet avoiding overweight, adequate exercise, and a good resting base.

It is essential that the mattress for dogs is of high quality.

People usually have clear that it is very important to sleep on a quality mattress, firm but at the same time comfortable that favors good posture and guarantees a restful rest.

However, we often do not consider that our pets often sleep on beds, mattresses or cushions that are too soft, on which they sink and on which their paws suffer the excessive pressure of their own weight.

Or the opposite, they sleep on a blanket or directly on the floor, often exposed to humidity and cold.

Quality materials

Viscoelastic mattresses are an excellent option for our pets. The memory foam effect relieves pressure and provides a great feeling of comfort. It must be taken into account that dogs sleep many hours and spend a lot of time lying down. Ideally, our dog should have a good base from a young age to prevent possible bone or joint problems. And if he already suffers from any pathology, all the more reason to offer him a mattress that will significantly improve his quality of life.

With regard to the cover that covers the mattress, it should be pleasant to the touch for the animal, avoiding plastics or excessively rough fabrics. It is interesting to look for antimicrobial and easy to clean fabrics to always maintain proper hygiene.

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Remember that, in addition to a good diet and proper exercise, resting on a good mattress is essential for your dog to maintain healthy and fit bones and joints.

Video transcript:

"The main bone and joint problems we encounter in dogs are usually osteoarthritis problems. One bone with another bone does not fit one hundred percent, or the articular cartilage has disappeared with age, and this causes lameness.
The diagnosis is usually made by radiography although we are increasingly using tac to diagnose these diseases."