Cuáles son los antiinflamatorios naturales perfectos para perros

What are the perfect natural anti-inflammatories for dogs

Do you know what can be given to the dog for joint or muscle pain? As our furry friends get older, they are more likely to develop inflammation in their joints. Given that it is not convenient to supply anti-inflammatories for medical use without the approval of a veterinarian, we are going to see some examples of natural anti-inflammatory for dogs, and with which we can help our best friend to cope with his pain.

The best natural anti-inflammatories for dogs


This is a culinary spice whose main component, curcumin, has multiple medicinal properties, especially for its anti-inflammatory power. The ideal dose is between 15 and 20 milligrams for every kilo your dog weighs, and it is administered orally (for example, accompanying its food).

The Baluka vitamin complex is an anti-inflammatory based on turmeric, which provides vitamins, amino acids and minerals. It is an ideal natural treatment to relieve the pain suffered by older dogs and/or dogs with canine arthritis.

It is one of the best compounds you can give a dog for pain, because you will not only be supplying a natural anti-inflammatory, but also essential elements for a balanced nutrition, which will prevent you from potentially dangerous situations for the deterioration of your joints.

vitaminas para perros con antiinflamatorio natural

Turmeric as a Natural Anti-inflammatory

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Turmeric as a natural anti-inflammatory
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This extract comes from Arnica montana , a plant native to central and southern Europe, and which has a long tradition of home uses against pain caused by inflammation or bruises ions.

It is usually prepared in creams for topical use, which are applied just on the inflamed or painful area; it can also be found as a homeopathic treatment, to be administered orally.


Harpagofito is another well-known plant with medicinal applications and anti-inflammatory properties, whose use has even been endorsed by the EMA (European Medicines Agency). It grows wild in parts of Africa, and its most popular application is to treat lower back pain in people.

For dogs, Devil's claw allows long-term use for chronic pain for long periods of time without any harmful side effect for the animal; in fact, it is very commonly used for the treatment of canine osteoarthritis.


Valerian is a natural tranquilizer, a plant with sedative properties, which people we usually use to treat sleep disorders or anxiety. Its sedative compounds reside in the essential oil of the plant's root.

If your dog suffers from occasional muscle pain, it is best to administer a dose of valerian, since its main property is to act as muscle relaxant against occasional contractures or tensions (although no less annoying for that).

Experts recommend restricting its use to possible situations of acute pain, and not administering it as part of of a prolonged treatment, since the dog could develop certain secondary effects such as being more skittish or excited after a prolonged intake (just the rebound effect).


Omega-3 it is an essential fatty acid for both dogs and people.It is an essential compound for our metabolism, but our respective organisms do not produce it naturally and we have to ingest it through the diet. The same does not happen with Omega 6, which is an essential fatty acid for people, but not for dogs.

The properties of omega-3 make it the best preventive treatment against possible inflammation; Thanks to this, it is widely used for cardiovascular problems (both in dogs and in people). It also serves to reduce inflammation of the skin, since it repairs the skin barrier; the great beneficiaries of this compound are dogs with allergic dermatitis.

Among other foods, omega-3 is present in the fat of oily fish. Moderate use is recommended, as excessive intake could cause diarrhea in dogs. In addition, its consumption adds calories to the diet of the animal, so an abuse of omega-3 could result in overweight.


MSM is the acronym for methylsulfonylmethane , an organic sulfur-based compound that is present in many fresh foods. However, it degrades with temperature when food is cooked.

It is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory that is used to relieve chronic pain caused by osteoarthritis, arthritis, hernias or dysplasia, but it is You must understand that, as a food supplement, its effect is very slow. It is usually marketed in the form of powders that are added to the dog's food or drink, to be ingested once a day.

The “ideal” natural anti-inflammatory for dogs may be a remedy comprising several of these treatments at the same time. As you have been able to verify, each one is optimal depending on the circumstances of each animal, in terms of the origin of the inflammation, the chronification of the pain, the duration of the treatment and the possible contraindications due to prolonged use.