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Where should a large dog sleep at home

How did your best friend sleep today? Our dog has slept wonderfully, but we know that there are dogs that prefer to sleep on the floor instead of in their beds. Maybe you don't feel comfortable in the place where you normally have your bed, so let's see where a dog should sleep at home, especially if it is large.

Where should dogs sleep large dogs

First of all, the best place for one dog to sleep does not necessarily coincide with the ideal place for another. Dogs are not machines! Each one, depending on their character and preferences, will consider that it is better to sleep in one place or another.

However, all owners agree that it is not advisable to sleep on the floor for obvious reasons of comfort. And yet, this opens another debate about whether dogs should sleep in the same bed as us or in their own.

While it's not a bad thing for your dog to sleep with you, if this were the case, we would have You'd have to do an extra cleaning job, since the bed would be full of hair and drool almost every day.

Also, dogs don't usually stay still when they sleep. NOur best friends have dreams too and, during these dreams, they can pretend to run after something, and even bark.

If your dog's dimensions are considerable, it is very likely that sleeping with him is not as pleasant as it may seem. Perhaps neither he nor you are comfortable enough. For this reason, we always recommend that dogs sleep in their own bed.

But why does my dog ​​prefer to sleep on the floor? What is happening in these cases?

If we look at it from the point of view of comfort, it may not make sense to sleep on the floor, which means that his mattress is not comfortable enough for him. Perhaps the time has come to replace it with a different bed.

There is something else: dogs, as we know, are very sensitive to extreme temperatures, that is, to environments that are too cold or warm. Surely you remember your dog lying on the ground during the summer, or looking for a ray of sunlight coming through the window in the dead of winter!

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Where to put the dog's bed

The floors of houses are usually cooler in summer and, therefore, dogs can look for that cool and give up the usual warmth of their beds.

In winter, obviously, they will tend to avoid lying on the floor, but maybe if their bed is in a cold place, they prefer look for another warmer corner.

The best place for your dog's bed does not have to be the same when it is very cold or when it is very hot. or heat. Let's always try to avoid placing their beds in air current steps, because they don't feel comfortable there. And not near places that get too hot in summer, for the same reasons.

The proximity to us is also a determining factor. If our dog is used to always being close to us, it will be convenient for his bed to be in our bedroom.

However, there are other dogs that may prefer to keep their own space, so that having them sleeping very close to us may not be a good idea. In the middle of the night they could go to sleep somewhere else.

Also, there are some dogs that prefer spacious places and others that prefer more hidden corners.The way to find out? The “trial and error” method Let's listen to what our furry friends have to say with their behavior!

What a large dog's bed should be like

Apart from temperature, we must take into account the size of our dog. It is very difficult for a large breed dog to be comfortable in a tight corner. As we have said before, dogs tend to move a lot while they sleep, and having that freedom of movement helps them rest at night.

And it is that large dogs such as Newfoundlands, Great Danes, bulldogs or some Labrador retrievers and golden retrievers, may need a larger space to sleep. If the bed they sleep in does not have the appropriate dimensions, it is very possible that they end up sleeping on the floor, on the sofa or in any other corner of the house.

That is why we recommend beds for large dogs balukaDREAM by Baluka, a bed for large, medium or small dogs, with a surface large enough, comfortable and ergonomic for our friends to rest like true little angels.

To know where a dog should sleep at home, we need to look at its size and preferences. It is always advisable to avoid places that are too cold or too hot, and pay attention to their need to be more or less close to us. And of course, big dogs need more space! A large bed with a comfortable surface will be the best solution.