Dog mattress embroidered with his name

colchones para perro bordado con su nombre

Your dog's name embroidered for FREE on your memory foam mattress

An exclusive mattress, for a unique dog

Luna, Kira, Lola or Laika for them.
Max, Thor, Rocky or Lucas for them.

They are some of the most used dog names in Spain.

Your dog may have the same name as many others, or it may not. What is clear is that there is no other like it. And since your dog is unique, his mattress should be too.

No two balukaDREAM are alike.

Personalize your dog's viscoelastic mattress balukaDREAM with its embroidered name.

It's FREE!

A special and different touch to make it clear that this balukaDREAM is yours… and only yours!

And if you want to add an additional name (in case you have more than one furry and they sleep together, for example) do it for an extra cost.

Personalized balukaDream mattress for dogs... unique, like your dog.

A name is free. If you need more than one, click here: I need more than one name