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How much does a good mattress for dogs cost?

As in almost everything, cheap is expensive.

Advantages of investing in a good mattress for your dog

When we buy a mattress for us or our family, we don't doubt it: it is an important purchase to which we dedicate some time, and we want a quality one because we are going to use it every day. A good mattress for humans costs an average of €800 (depending on size and quality, it can reach €2,000 or more). Then add what the pillows and protective cover may cost. And we pay for it because resting well is essential for our health.

When we go to buy a mattress for our pet… do we pay the same attention to it?

Dogs sleep many hours… they must having a good mattress!!

Those of us who live with pets, dogs or cats, know the satisfaction they give us. We consider them members of our family, we dedicate all our attention and affection to them, we provide them with the best food and veterinary care, we play with them, we pamper them, we adore them... but we also know that we must allocate a part of our family budget to them.

Just like us, they also have to have a resting corner, a bed or mattress where they will spend many hours a day. Let's not forget that an adult dog sleeps from 12 to 14 hours a day, if he is a puppy or senior they can sleep up to 18 hours or more. You can read one of our articles on how many hours our pets sleep.

So… why when we buy a mattress do we basically look at the size and if it has a color or pattern pretty? Shouldn't we take into account other factors such as the composition of the padding or the performance of the cover? The answer is yes, of course.

There are many mattresses for dogs, but all that glitters is not gold

When you go to buy a mattress or bed for your dog, be wary if it is overly cheap:

  • The padding is probably overly soft cheap foam that won't do your joints any favors. If the dog sinks, its own weight will be exerting pressure on its legs that in the future can lead to bone problems, osteoarthritis, arthritis or dysplasia.
  • The cover of that cheap mattress may be brightly colored or striking prints, but if the fabric is made of synthetic materials it will accumulate static electricity, hair will catch on it, it will attract bad odors and be prone to trapping mites and bacteria.
  • If it is a fabric that claims to be waterproof but It has a bargain price, it is very possible that it is a plastic fabric that is not pleasant to the touch and that it does not exactly invite you to rest... would you like to sleep there? Well, neither will your pet.

In short, buying the cheapest mattress we see for our dog is a bad deal:

  • not even the animal will rest as it deserves ( and remember, sleep 12 to 14 hours a day)
  • it won't even work for you because you will have to wash the cover very often to remove stains, odors and hair, and it will probably end up shrinking, fading and getting damaged .
  • Conclusion: it is likely that when it is very ugly you will decide to buy another bed, and you already have the saying come true: cheap is expensive.

pastor alemán colchón de viscoelástica con su nombre

Our Memory Foam Mattress

It bears your name embroidery
Take care of their bones
The best for dogs with dysplasia or osteoarthritis
See Mattress

It is worth investing a little more for the benefit of our pet

Dedicate an time to assess what mattress or bed you want for your pet.Don't be afraid to spend a little more on a garment that, we remind you once again, will be used 12 to 14 hours a day

How should the mattress be? of your dog or cat?

What should you take into account when choosing it? What should it be like inside and out?

The interior

A great idea is to get your dog (or cat) a mattress with a high-density memory foam interior. This type of foam has a “memory effect”: this means that it will adapt to the shape of your body, avoid pressure and give you a feeling of weightlessness and therefore maximum comfort during sleeping hours.

The exterior

It is just as important as the mattress padding, since it is where our furry will directly rest and it has to be pleasant to the touch but at the same time have a series of properties that respect the health and hygiene of the animal and, ¿ why not? Be practical to maintain.

baluka manufactures unique, hygienic, therapeutic and durable mattresses

Baluka is a young and dynamic company specializing in health and rest products for high quality pets. quality manufactured entirely in Spain and with local materials and labor.

The interior of the Baluka mattresses is made of high-density viscoelastic that provides comfort and helps to position the joints well to avoid or minimize possible problems of bones and joints.

The outer cover of the Baluka mattresses is made of a spectacular fabric with a velvety touch that is super pleasant for the animal. A unique cover, that you will not find in any other mattress or bed for dogs with properties:


Be it grease, mud, urine, feces, blood... a damp cloth is enough to keep it flawless daily. It is NOT necessary to wash in the washing machine frequently, but if you want to wash it more thoroughly on occasion, you could do it as you would a sofa cover.

Anti-bacteria and anti-mites

This treatment protects the animal and the rest of the family from both bad odors and allergies.

It is super resistant

The structure of the fabric fabric prevents nails from getting stuck and there may be snags.


You will be amazed when you see that the hairs not only do not get caught but are easily removed with a brush or your own hand.


It does not give off heat or cold, but rather adapts to the animal's body temperature, providing maximum comfort.

It does not transfer water and liquids easily

If there is any "leak" the interior remains protected.

A unique mattress for a unique dog

To the great features of the Baluka mattress for dogs we add a detail that you will love: it has the embroidered name of your pet . Because your dog is unique and its mattress should be too.

Going back to the price…

The Baluka mattress can cost between €79 and €175 depending on its size.

On the market there are mattresses for dogs for €15 or €20.

But of course, you already know what a Baluka mattress is like.

You decide.


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