Mi perro siempre está cansado: qué le pasa

My dog is always tired: what's wrong with him?

Lately, we have noticed that our dog got tired very quickly when we went for a walk and, logically, we started to worry and ask ourselves questions like "my dog gets very tired"; "why does my dog seem to be so tired? Obviously we understand that it is not normal to see our best friend like that. And the fact is that tiredness in dogs is not usual: a tired dog may reveal other associated problems. Let's see what they are!

Symptoms of fatigue in dogs

If you too have found yourself more than once thinking "my dog gets tired very quickly", there are some important things to keep in mind. Our best friends are characterized by great vitality, although there are certain breeds of dogs that are lazier than others. However, the fact that one dog is more energetic than another does not always respond to reasons of breed or character, but to different causes.

Our dog may be fatigued because of an unknown ailment that is making him go through these episodes of tiredness. It is also possible that the problem does not come from an ailment but from a specific circumstance, in which case we should not worry too much.

In general, a tired dog is distinguished by presenting some of the following symptoms:

  • It has panting.
  • It moves slowly and heavily.
  • He cries pitifully from time to time.
  • He stops sniffing around him.
  • Scratches himself.
  • Will come closer to you than usual.
  • Has a general state of restlessness.
  • Lies down during breaks in his walks.
  • Lies down for longer than usual.
  • Is easily distracted and slow to respond to your calls.

Why your dog is tired: possible causes

His joints ache

Joint pains are a very common cause of tiredness in dogs, such as canine osteoarthritis or hip dysplasia. The pain they feel makes them more lethargic than usual and conditions them when it comes to physical exercise.

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Their diet is deficient

Obese dogs suffer many more health complications, as is evident, than dogs that maintain their ideal weight. Overweight situations aggravate possible joint problems such as those described above.

In addition, even if your dog is not obese, it is very possible that the cause of his tiredness is that he is not ingesting the nutrients he needs for his body to function properly.

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It's too hot

Sometimes, the only circumstance responsible for our dog looking or being more tired than usual is simply a high ambient temperature. His lipid layer and coat protect him from the cold, but prevent him from regulating his temperature when it is too hot.

In times when our dog is exposed to higher temperatures, we should take care of the air conditioning at home and always keep his bowl full of water.

Getting older

Fatigue is one of the first signs of aging in dogs. Our friends face the final stage of their lives with considerably less energy than when they were younger.

Therefore, if our dog is already of a certain age, there may be nothing wrong with him: he is simply getting older, and the years are not wasted. They no longer have the vigor they had when they were younger!

He has a mood disorder

Dogs are also prone to mood disorders related to fatigue and apathy, such as stress, depression and canine anxiety.

These disorders can be due to the arrival of a new family member (or the departure of someone they loved), moving to a new place that is foreign to them, or a new layout of physical space in the home.

Let's say that these things "break the mold" temporarily, and the feeling of fatigue can last until they acclimate to the new circumstances.

You have become intoxicated

If we perceive that our dog's tiredness is accompanied by vomiting, it is possible that he has ingested some toxic substance. Some are more dangerous than others, and the danger to his health will be determined by the veterinarian.

He suffers from an infection

One of the most common effects of infectious diseases is a feeling of lethargy and fatigue. When the infection is eradicated, the fatigue should disappear.

The signs of a tired dog may be a sign of a more serious health problem, simple signs of aging, due to specific circumstances, or may point to a possible nutritional deficiency. That is why we have developed the Baluka food supplement for dogs and cats, a great help for your best friend to regain his vitality and energy!