¿Cuáles son las razas de perros más comunes en el mundo?

The 10 most common dog breeds in the world

Although those of us who have a furry one at home know that each one is unique, what is (more) certain is that there are several hundred dog breeds in the world. That's not counting the representatives of that genetic "treasure trove" that we affectionately call "mil milks".

Considering that there are between 300 and 500 breeds of dogs (depending on the source), it would be a bit complicated to make an exhaustive list of all the breeds of human's best friends. Therefore, in this article we will talk about the ten most common dog breeds that we can find on the streets and in homes.

But first...

Why are there so many dog breeds?

There is a fair consensus that dogs are descended from wolves that, thousands of years ago, came closer and closer to human populations to be fed. Over time, it is believed that the fierce wolves were eventually domesticated and became what we know today as dogs (Canis lupus familiaris).

That said, the reason there are so many breeds of dogs could be found in us, as humans have bred dogs in different ways and with different functions beyond companionship. This, coupled with the climatic conditions of the area, led to the emergence of dog breeds with specific characteristics.

The ten most popular dog breeds

Now, this is our list with the ten most common recognized dog breeds in the world, different among them but all equally adorable.

1. German Shepherd

As its name suggests, this dog breed originates from Germany and is known for its strength, agility and obedience. It is not for nothing that it is the police dog par excellence.

Pastor alemán tumbado sobre hierba

2. Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is believed to be one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. They are originally from Russia, and were widely used as working and transport dogs by the tribes that inhabited the cold Russian steppe.

Husky siberiano con la lengua fuera

3. Golden retriever

This furry breed, from Scotland, is characterized by its great intelligence and expressiveness, which is why it is usually the most chosen breed of dog for therapeutic and assistance purposes. And it is the most cuddly as a puppy!

Ejemplar de raza golden retriever

4. French Bulldog

The French bulldog is a small, playful, family dog. Unfortunately, it is a breed of dog prone to certain diseases due to its anatomy, such as brachycephalic syndrome. If you have one of them, you will surely know their characteristic (and loud) snoring.

Bulldog francés tirado sobre la hierba

5. Chihuahua

The Chihuahua takes the prize for the smallest dog breed in the world. It is native to this region of Mexico, and usually accompanies its master everywhere. Indeed, it is a very jealous breed that is always looking for attention.

Raza de perro chihuahua en brazos de su dueña

6. American Pit Bull Terrier

Also called simply pit bull, this is a breed of dog considered dangerous due to its strong musculature and bite. However, ignoring the prejudices that consider them an aggressive dog by nature, derived from their training as fighting dogs, they can be equally affectionate breeds as others.

Pitbull jugando con una pelota

7. Beagle

Despite their small to medium size, these short-legged dogs are actually hunting dogs. They are unmistakable thanks to their large, floppy ears and brown fur around their eyes.

Beagle mirando a su dueño en el parque

8. Mastiff

Although they are rather large in size, the mastiff is a breed of dog with a gentle, protective and noble character, with that little rustic touch that is so typical of them. These characteristics mean that some breeds are still used as shepherd dogs.

Raza de perro mastín español

9. Doberman

Like the first breed on this list, the Doberman originated in Germany, and they are strong and energetic dogs. As with its compatriot, it is a breed widely used by police and military forces to carry out different tasks.

Perro dóberman en un campo de flores

10. Rottweiler

We finish with another German breed, the Rottweiler, a dog considered dangerous because of the power of its bite. Due to its protective character, it used to be used as a shepherd dog, although nowadays it is more common to find them as a companion animal.

Raza rottweiler tumbado sobre hierba

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