el mejor coach gratis

Meet the best coach - and for free! to help you achieve your New Year's resolutions.

Exercise more, lose weight, enjoy nature, stay away from toxic people, take care of your mental health... these are the good resolutions that you make every new year and that most of the time fall by the wayside.

But... what if I told you that you have the best ally to achieve them, and that you won't have to pay for a gym, a nutritionist or a psychologist?

Because the best coach to help you to achieve it is... your dog!!!

Good resolutions for you... and for your dog...

Consider yourself lucky. If you have a dog at home you've already won a lot: you start the year with the best and most loyal companion in your life, who will never judge you and for whom you will be the most important being in the world. In your list of good doggy New Year resolutions you can include:

Go for more walks with your pet: you will exercise and clear your mind.

Yes, we know. You must go out at least three times a day with your furry friend to stretch his legs and relieve himself.

But sometimes, worries, pending work and laziness make these outings a little short of time. We encourage you to make those walks longer in the new year so that you and your dog can socialize and meet other dogs and people in the area. If you can take him for a short run, so much the better. When you come back you will feel better. He will be happier for the good time spent and you will have clearer ideas to be able to continue with your obligations.

Go out more to the countryside or to the beach or go hiking with your dog.

Maybe you are an "urbanite" or you are not used to go for a walk in the countryside, nor do you usually go to the beach outside the summer season. But we assure you that your dog loves nature, exploring and discovering, especially if you are the center of his universe.

Long walks in the countryside where if you do 5 km he does 15 km (going back and forth constantly) or baths and runs on the beach when it is allowed or on dog beaches are some of the best gifts you can give your pet from time to time.

Provide him with a good rest

We take it for granted that you bought a good mattress for yourself and that you rest the necessary hours. But what about your dog's rest? He loves to sleep with you and climb on your sofa. If you like it too and you don't mind, that's fine. In this post we explain the pros and cons of sleeping with your dog.

But if you can also offer him his own resting space where he can take refuge when you are not there or when he wants to be calmer, all the better. Getting a good mattress, comfortable and pleasant for him and practical for you is a good idea. The Baluka Dream mattress offers exceptional therapeutic qualities for his bones thanks to its viscoelastic interior, and hygienic qualities thanks to its anti-stain, anti-mite and anti-hair cover.

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Don't overdo it with treats

Treats and junk food are fine from time to time, but not as a habit. Just as you have decided to eat healthier and not to abuse sugar and fats, it is not good for your dog if you are always giving him what he asks for. If it were up to him, he would eat all the leftovers of your food and he would be fed up with doggy treats. But if you know how to dose those treats, you will be good for his health and he will take them more willingly and will know how to thank you.

Supplement his food

It is becoming increasingly clear to us humans that a healthy and varied diet is sometimes not enough and we resort to food or vitamin supplements to maintain good health.

Even if you give your dog a quality food suitable for his age, weight and condition, it is not a bad idea to consider giving him a good supplement with vitamins, amino acids and minerals to help him maintain a good general state of health.

BalukaVIT is formulated with essential vitamins and amino acids to provide energy, prevent or minimize joint problems and keep the skin and coat nice and healthy.

It also contains turmeric, with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and a great ally of the immune system (defenses).

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Living day by day and being happy

This is surely the most difficult purpose for us humans to fulfill. Sometimes it is life that complicates things for us: work, family problems, personal misfortunes... But other times it is ourselves who are not happy with anything, or we worry about what might happen before it arrives, or we are unable to enjoy the moment thinking about what we want next.

In those cases, the best thing to do is to imitate dogs. They do know how to enjoy the moment: when they play and run with their master, when they meet another doggy friend, when they receive treats and caresses, when they sleep peacefully without worrying if they have to get up early or not, when they wag their tails happily because you are coming home even if it has only been 10 minutes since you left.

There is a legend that says that dogs live less than humans because they don't need as much time as we do to learn to live a good life and love unconditionally.

Happy New Year. Enjoy it with your dog.