Cómo saber si una perra está embarazada y cómo cuidarla

How to know if a dog is pregnant and how to take care of her

The arrival of puppies to the family is an exciting time, but also full of uncertainties. How to know if a dog is pregnant? There are several physical and psychological changes that can give you clues to prepare yourself and know what to do when your dog is pregnant.

Pregnancy in bitches

Bitches can become pregnant during the estrus period. Depending on the breed, heat begins to appear from 6 months of age and up to 15. When the bitch reaches sexual maturity, heat occurs every 7 or 8 months. The fertile period is lengthened by three to four weeks . The gestation of the puppies lasts about two months, between 58 and 65 days.

How to know if a dog is pregnant

In early pregnancy it is not so easy to detect the symptoms of a pregnant dog, especially if you are new to pet ownership.

In the fourth week of gestation, a first ultrasound can be done to see how the pregnancy is progressing.

You must pay close attention if you want to detect a pregnancy, some changes they are subtle or begin to manifest from mid-gestation.

Symptoms of a pregnant dog

Nausea and vomiting

One of the most common symptoms of a pregnant dog is nausea. Other digestive pathologies must be ruled out. It can also decrease her appetite, so if she doesn't eat much, you can include some food that appeals to her to cheer her up. From the second month of pregnancy, the opposite effect occurs: the bitch increases her desire to eat and will also gain weight.

Less physical activity

The extra energy expenditure that pregnancy entails will make your dog less active and playful than usual. Some females need more sleep during pregnancy.

Changes in behavior

The pregnant dog experiences psychological changes. May avoid contact with humans and with other dogs. At the end of pregnancy it is normal for her to be more elusive and even nervous .

Before giving birth, the bitch will begin searching for a safe place to give birth. She will scratch the area, carry blankets and other items, and spend more time than usual in that spot.

Physical changes

Changes in the belly take time to appear and are especially noticeable after day 40. Pregnant dogs do not like having their bellies touched, but if it allows you, you will be able to notice the movement of the puppies in the last phase of the pregnancy.

The mammary begin to swell when a month has passed since fertilization. They start preparing to make milk. The area will have more blood supply and this causes the nipples to change color and become more pink.

Weight gain begins mid-pregnancy and the bitch may gain up to twice her normal weight .

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Care for a pregnant dog

What to do when your dog is pregnant? The care of a pregnant dog is based on providing her with a comfortable and calm environment, a good diet and her pertinent check-ups by the veterinarian.

Encouraging rest

Caring for a pregnant dog begins by giving her a soft, spacious and comfortable bed. The memory beds from Baluka are perfect for the changing body of your pregnant dog.Its high-density foam has a “memory effect”, so it adapts perfectly to your body. In addition, the memory foam promotes a proper posture and relieves pressure points in the joints, which are affected by weight gain.

In addition to her Baluka bed, don't forget to offer your dog blankets, stuffed animals and other comfort items. Think that she is very busy creating new lives!


You have to adapt the intensity of the exercise. Take calm and comforting walks. A massage avoiding the belly area will help your dog to be more relaxed after physical activity.

Full feeding

In early pregnancy, caloric intake should not be increased. But from the first day, the pregnant dog must be offered a healthy diet with all the necessary nutrients. From week 7 of pregnancy we should increase the amount of food between 20 and 25 percent.

The specific feed provide the appropriate nutritional profile for pregnancy. But if you are going to combine feed and homemade food, do not mix them to avoid difficult digestion.

To stimulate her appetite, offer food to the dog more times a day and in less quantity. You can also take advantage of the moment after the walk to feed it and turn this gesture into a routine.

Much love

Accompanying your pregnant dog in this process is very important. Pay attention to her signals and give her a lot of cuddles

Just before giving birth, the bitch will look for a safe place to have the puppies. It's important that you're keeping an eye on the process, but you shouldn't intervene unless there's a problem. Your bitch knows what she has to do.

You already know the answer to the question how to tell if a dog is pregnant and what care she needs. Remember that, when in doubt, it is best to consult your trusted veterinarian.


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