Las 6 mejores razas de perro para familias con niños

The 6 best dog breeds for families with children

Living with pets is beneficial for everyone, but especially for children. Children who live with dogs from their earliest childhood assimilate very positive values:

  • They develop a more responsible behavior. They understand that the dog requires care and attention. Depending on their age, they can take on different tasks related to caring for the animal: making sure it has clean water, feeding it, brushing it, taking it for a walk and playing with it.
  • They learn to love and respect the animals. Perceiving that the dog responds to this affection and care in a positive way, the foundations of respect for animals and nature are laid.
  • They increase their social and emotional development. Children who live with pets feel greater compassion and empathy, encourage joy and learn to overcome many fears common in childhood. By hugging their dog they find support and relief in situations of fear or sadness.

There are some dog breeds that are especially suitable for living with children, who love to play with They protect and care for them and allow themselves to do a thousand and one “mischiefs” without a grimace of displeasure.

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Here you have some

perro labrador en la naturaleza

Labrador Retriever or Golden Retriever

Two excellent breeds to live with children. Despite having a considerable size, they are very loving and peaceful. But yes, they need to run and expend energy, so the family has to be willing to take them out for runs and walks.

Special mention is their suitability as assistance or therapy dogs for the elderly or visually impaired children , physical or autism.

border collie jugando en el cesped

Border Collie

Intelligent, balanced and very faithful. They love to run as they have a lot of energy to expend. He is super familiar and protective of children and the house. It is considered the most intelligent dog. They hate loneliness, so we shouldn't leave them alone for long if we want to avoid destructive behavior.

perro beagle en una ventana con un niño de forma muy cariñosa


It is one of the best known breeds in the world, and also one of the oldest. He adores all the members of his human family, and especially the children with whom he enjoys exploring and playing. Very affectionate and kind, they can be the ideal company for the little ones in the house, whom they will protect and love unconditionally.

perro boxer con bebe en el suelo


This dog is especially suitable for family living, as it is affectionate, obedient, faithful and balanced. It is a breed that is widely used for therapies for people with disabilities or treatment of sick children or elderly people. He treats children excellently if they are socialized from puppyhood. Of course, he is an energetic dog that needs to go outside and have regular physical activity.

pastor alemán corriendo por el campo

German Shepherd

Extraordinarily intelligent and loyal, they can be trained as assistance and guard dogs, and are extremely protective of their family and especially children.Surely you have seen a video of German shepherds helping or protecting children in danger (drowning in swimming pools, intruders in the home or children at risk of being attacked)

Mongrel dogs

The experience of having a dog for a child will be doubly positive if their pet has also been rescued from a shelter or protector But you must make sure that the chosen dog has not gone through difficult situations that could cause behavior problems that endanger children. Providing a home and giving an animal a second chance will be rewarded with your eternal gratitude, love and fidelity. And that is priceless learning for any child.

These are some of the ideal breeds to live with children, but not the only ones: Poodle, Saint Bernard, Maltese Bichon, French Bulldog, Yorkshire Terrier, Cocker, Pug

But race isn't everything. Any well-behaved, trained dog that receives a good dose of love will be the ideal companion for the whole family, and of course for children.

If you lived with a dog during your childhood, you already know all the positive aspects to have a pet. But if you weren't so lucky, consider offering your children that opportunity: they will thank you for a lifetime.


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