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My dog ​​eats grass: is it healthy?

Have you taken your dog for a walk and has it started eating grass in the park or in the field? Our dog also eats grass and it is not bad at all. We are going to see the reasons why our furry friends eat the grass or other plants and you will see that you do not always have to scold them, since it is a very natural behavior.

Why do dogs eat grass

An innate natural behavior

It may be surprising that, if we always have our dog's food ready and we are very careful what he puts in his mouth, he dedicates himself to eating the grass in sometimes when you are out for a walk or in the garden. Should we worry?

Not at all! The fact that dogs eat grass responds to their survival instinct. It may seem strange to you, but mother nature is very wise and our best friends respond to this instinct, among other things, by ingesting grass and the occasional plant or leaf on the ground. In fact, it is a behavior inherited from wolves, their closest evolutionary relatives.

The reason? The nutritional contribution they obtain from plants. The best example is fiber intake, necessary for digestive purging. And it is that dogs purge themselves by ingesting certain shoots.

Bad digestion

On the other hand, you should know that you will rarely see your dog eat grass or other plants left and right. Dogs are very selective in what they eat and use their sense of smell to find what they consider most suitable for their purge. This will be normal when our dog has a stomach ache or is having a very heavydigestion.

In addition to the intestinal purging process, your dog could also eat grass to vomit. Purging affects the entire digestive system. Sometimes the dog will need to expel something that it has eaten and has not yet been digested, and that is why they try to make themselves vomit by ingesting plants.

The benefits of plants for dogs

Besides, do you know the great number of benefits that some plants have for dogs? Some health problems (such as stress, anxiety, certain infections or arthritis) can be easily treated with certain plants.

However, and as we will tell you in the next section, you will have to actively monitor what kind of plants are in your garden, inside your home or in the areas where you usually walk with him. Some are very toxic and can seriously harm your health!

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Should I let my dog eat grass?

First of all, if our dogs eat grass from time to time, there is no reason for us to worry. As we have seen, eating grass responds to an innate instinct of our furry friends.

There is a very important point in all this: if we see that our dog eats grass very often and not other plants, yes we might have reason to worry. Why? Because it is very possible that our best friend is suffering from some constant pain in the stomach, and his reaction responds to an almost desperate attempt to alleviate the discomfort.

Therefore, if we notice that our dogs begin to eat grass compulsively to provoke the purges, it may be that something they are eating habitually is making them feel bad , in which case we will have to review their diet and eliminate food until we find the "culprit" of this unpleasant situation for him.

Other times it is possible that your dog has something in his stomach that is causing him ongoing discomfort and that has nothing to do with what he eats He may have swallowed an object that be unable to digest or expel no matter how much grass you eat. Therefore, if you see your dog compulsively eating grass, it is possible that he is doing so motivated by the desire to relieve that pain or discomfort.

However, and despite all of the above, we must remain vigilant when type of plants they eat, since there are quite a few dangerous plants for dogs, such as ivy, pothos, aloe, oleander, cyca or Poinsettia. Be very careful and keep your dog away from these plants because they are toxic to his body and his life could be in danger. You should also be careful with the grass in public parks, since some town halls carry out fumigation campaigns and your dog could get intoxicated.

If my dog ​​eats grass from time to time, it's nothing bad in itself because you can get important nutrients for your diet while purging your digestive system. However, we feel more comfortable giving our best friend a nutritional boost with the vitamin supplement balukaVIT from Baluka, rich in vitamins and essential amino acids. Even if he doesn't stop eating grass, it looks great on him!


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