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What is the best thing you can give a dog for Christmas

Now that Christmas is approaching, we all think about what gifts we could give to our loved ones. If any of them have a dog, why not think of an original gift for dogs? To help you, we have compiled some dog gift ideas. We are sure that both their owner and their own furry friend (or yours) will be very grateful.

6 gift ideas for dog owners for Christmas

1. A new toy

Think of the first thing that comes to mind as a gift for a dog. Yes, a new toy! Just like children, our best friends love toys, although their way of playing with them is so peculiar (and cute).

Dogs love toys. Many times they become their most prized possession, and they even fall asleep with them in their mouths. In addition, it is relatively easy to get it right, because you only have to take into account the size of the dog to choose a toy with the appropriate hardness for the force of its bite.

2. A mattress that doesn't pick up hair

Leaving aside the most playful part, you can also give health to a dog. Have you thought about giving an anti-pilling mattress? Dog owners can have real fights against hair and bad smells.

This is precisely the strength of the balukaDREAM mattress, that can be cleaned with a cloth soaked in water without the dog's hair sticking to it, and that prevents the proliferation of mites and bacteria, largely responsible for intensifying the smell of its fur.

3. Some warm clothing/raincoat

What can I give my dog ​​this holiday season? Despite the fact that their fur and the lipid layer of their skin protect them from inclement weather, dogs do not usually like the cold. There are breeds like the Newfoundland, the Siberian Husky and the Alaska Malamute that take it better, but practically all other dog breeds will appreciate some warm clothes to go outside when temperatures are too low.

In particular, small dogs have a faster metabolism, which also means that their organisms cannot retain their body heat just like larger dogs do. Of course, we recommend that these support garments for the cold be, as far as possible, synthetic and/or waterproof, to avoid bad odours.

4. A harness that distributes its force

If you don't know what you can give a dog, you may be interested in thinking again about the practical order that its owner has to face every day. There are dogs that are more docile than others and, above all, some whose weight and volume require great strength to carry them by the leash while walking.

The solution? A special harness, with straps that distribute the weight of the dog and, in this way, do not force the owner to exert so much force when pulling it (or in order to receive a pull from the dog). In parallel to this comfort for the owner, the distribution of force prevents the dog from strangling with its own leash.

5. A new feeder/drinker

Before going into more detail, you should keep in mind that dogs do not usually like changes, and may react negatively to situations that they consider strange (other than what they normally do). they are used to). This means that if the treat is going to be a new food or water bowl, the dog will need to get used to the novelty and may initially reject it.

However, what it does really interesting to these elements and give them the category of great Christmas gifts is their versatility.Plastic feeders are very easy to clean, while stainless steel feeders are very resistant to corrosion and do not release toxic elements (which could mix with the animal's food)

6 . A personalized collar

The collar is an essential element for the dog. In addition to being used to facilitate walking on a leash, they are widely used as training elements. This year the Three Wise Men may bring your best friend some help to train him!

In addition, identification tags usually hang from the collars with the name of the pet and the number of owner's phone If the dog you are going to give the gift to does not have that tag on its collar, it may be the best time to give it that touch of personalization that we like so much to receive in gifts.

You may not know what to give a dog, but after these ideas we are sure that you are already outlining the best gift for these holidays, whether you are going to give something to your dog or if the recipient is an owner. And remember: with Baluka mattresses you can also give health to a dog!


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