Mi perro no duerme por la noche: qué puedo hacer

My dog ​​does not sleep at night: what can I do?

Given the large number of hours that dogs can sleep (up to 13 a day intermittently, and between 8 and 9 continuously), canine insomnia is especially striking. Based on the importance of sleep in the health of our best friends, we are going to see why my dog ​​does not sleep at night , and how to make a dog sleep through the night.

Why doesn't my dog ​​sleep at night

Fear and insecurity

Dogs' sleep patterns are sensitive to their changes in mood , by just like it happens to us people. It is very common for a dog that is afraid to not fall asleep. Puppies and dogs that have undergone sudden changes in their lives, or whose routines are not established , will be more likely to feel fear, in addition to the classic scares due to firecrackers and fireworks, which especially scare them .

Pain and itching

If the dog feels some pain in his joints (something common in older dogs) or if he is scratching himself because of some itching, hardly you can fall asleep. For example, mites can cause annoyingly itchy ears.

Oestrus periods

Male dogs perceive females in heat at great distances. If there are any female dogs in heat near your home, it is likely that your dog is restless and hyperactive at night, due to the excitement caused by the mating instinct .

Excessive stimulation or insufficient

If my dog ​​is active at night, it is likely that he has not done enough exercise physical, necessary to burn all the energy that you carry inside Likewise, excessive stimulation can cause stress and anxiety , which also does not help sleep.

Coarse meals

If your dog has eaten more than usual in your last meal of the day, it is highly likely that you will suffer from a digestive disorder. The heavy digestions , just like what happens to people, make it difficult for dogs to fall asleep. This will be aggravated if he has gone to sleep right after dinner.

Extreme temperatures

Although dogs have good thermal regulation, extreme changes in temperature (stays very cold or hot), your dog will find it difficult to fall asleep more than usual.

Uncomfortable resting place

If all the other possible points that make it difficult for him to rest are resolved and my dog ​​is restless at night, you may not be resting on a good mattress . You may be used to other types of surface, or you may just feel uncomfortable in your current bed.

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How to make my dog ​​sleep through the night

Instil a routine in him

Routines are very beneficial for dogs, and they don't usually take well to changes in their habits. If you are going to introduce any significant change in his life (a new family member, a new pet, a change in the location of his things, a move...) make sure to gradually get him used to the novelty .

Watch your diet

Apart from the well-known overweight problems derived from a poor diet, copious meals, even healthy foods, usually have a negative impact on falling asleep. Make sure your dog doesn't eat more than necessary , especially if it's the last meal of the night before bed.In this case, it won't be convenient for him to go to sleep as soon as he's finished, so you can try to move up his dinner time and thus give his digestive process a bit of time

Give him a comfortable place to rest

How can you make a dog sleep through the night? Very simple: take care of your dog's place of rest. The mattress on which he sleeps should be ergonomic (if possible, viscoelastic) to allow freedom of movement. The bed that we design at Baluka, in addition to promoting rest, has protection against bacteria, viruses and mites, which means that your dog will not have to scratch himself at night because of itching.

Take him out for a run frequently

Although it seems obvious, the rest will not be effective if your dog has not tired before. In addition, there are certain breeds that have a lot of stored energy, such as the border collie and their mixes, which need intense physical activity during the day. Rest assured that if your dog spends time walking, running and playing, he will arrive at the end of the day wanting to fall asleep, and his body will be ready to rest.

What can I do if my dog ​​does not sleep at night? Keep in mind that dogs spend almost half of their time sleeping, and lack of sleep can lead to gradual health problems, from mild to severe. Your best friend will appreciate a good night's sleep.

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